Understanding Your Award

How to view your financial aid status via myCommNet

  1. Log into myCommNet
  2. Click on Banner Student & Faculty Self-Service
  3. Click on Financial Aid

If you have been awarded it will show here. If you are missing documents or have been selected for verification, the required documents will be listed.

Award Amounts

Your financial aid award is determined based on the results of your FAFSA. Awards are granted for a full academic year (fall through spring) and are based on full-time enrollment (12 credit hours or more). If a student registers for only one semester and/or less than full time, the award amount will adjust or, in some cases, be cancelled. Students are encouraged to consult with Financial Aid staff about their enrollment and aid eligibility.

Student awarded $5,000 for the year ($2,500 per semester).
Enrolls for six credits in fall and six credits in spring.
Fall funds paid = $1,250; Spring funds paid = $1,250; TOTAL = $2,500.

Student Bill

Your student bill is calculated and maintained by the Bursar’s Office. It can include tuition, fees, purchases from the book store, etc.


You will have a bill with the college if:

  • You have not completed a financial aid application
  • Your bill exceeds your financial aid award
  • You are denied financial aid due to not satisfying verification requirements
  • Your financial aid was revoked due to our policies
  • All unpaid bills will be reported to a collection agency. A hold will also be placed on your account. In the event of a hold, no student records (including transcripts) will be released.

Those students with a balance, or who do not qualify for financial aid, may choose to take advantage of the college’s installment payment plan. The plan is available to students who are registered for a minimum of six (6) semester hours. Students may apply for an installment payment plan on the day after the semester’s tuition is due.

Book Credit – Using Financial Aid in the Campus Bookstore

Students who have financial aid left over after the costs for tuition and fees are covered will be able to use this credit at the campus bookstore, including the campus bookstore’s website. The book credit cannot be used, however, at another bookstore or through other online retailers.

To use the book credit, visit the bookstore with a copy of your schedule and Photo ID during the designated book credit dates and indicate that you will be using your book credit eligibility to cover the cost of books.

Note: Not all students are eligible for the book credit. If you have a bill after financial aid has been applied to your charges, you will not be eligible for the book credit. The book credit can only be used through the announced deadline each semester. For deadline information, please visit the campus bookstore.

Refund Checks

For those students who qualify, reimbursement funds are typically available four to six weeks after the start of classes. To request direct deposit, visit your myCommNet account. Under “Student Services” select “Registration and Payment,” and then click on “Direct Deposit Enrollment.” If you don’t request direct deposit, a check will be sent to your home. Make sure your address is up-to-date with the Registrar’s Office. All disbursements and refunds are handled by the Bursar’s Office.