You may be selected by the U.S. Department of Education or the Financial Aid Office for a process called verification. When selected for verification, your file will be considered incomplete until you submit requested documentation for our review.

Outstanding Requirements

If you are selected for verification or have any outstanding requirements, please submit them to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. All of our forms are available at the Financial Aid section of the Form Depot.

Failure to submit completed verification documents to the Financial Aid Office can result in:

  • Loss of financial aid for the semester or academic year.
  • Loan not being approved.
  • Future applications for aid not being processed.

If you need to request your tax transcripts

Document Review

Once forms are submitted for verification, the Financial Aid Office will review your file and make corrections to your FAFSA, if necessary. From there, we can determine your eligibility and award you, if applicable. Review of forms take approximately one week. You will receive periodic emails informing you of your current status. This information can also be checked through your MyCommNet account. Once you are awarded financial aid, be sure to log into MyCommNet to accept your award.


  • Be sure to keep your email address up-to-date with the Registrars’ Office.
  • We only assume that you are interested in grants. Although work-study and loans are also part of financial aid, they must be applied for separately. Applications are available at the Financial Aid section of the Form Depot or in the Financial Aid Office.

Your Financial Aid Award

When we complete our review of your financial aid application, we will notify you at your email address. You will be able to view your financial aid award and make decisions about your awards through your myCommNet account.