Assessment Testing

Assessment testing ensures that students have adequate preparation for college-level courses; the results are used to guide students into appropriate classes. Students must have already applied to MCC before taking the test, and tests must be taken prior to registering for classes.

About the Assessment Testing Process

This process comprises two possible sections. The first section is a computerized test called Accuplacer, where students are tested on mathematics, reading comprehension and either sentence skills or their level of English proficiency (LOEP). The second section, the Challenge Essay, provides a sample of each student’s writing. This one-hour timed essay is mandatory for all students who place below English 101 on the English portion of the Accuplacer. The Challenge Essay is administered on a day separate from the Accuplacer.

Test Exemption

Students may request an English or math assessment exemption form by submitting the following evidence to the Admissions office:

English Exemption Criteria:

  • ACT English score of 21 or higher, or ACT English and ACT Reading combined score of 47 or higher
  • College-level transfer credit approved by the Admissions office
  • Appropriate SAT scores (see guidelines below)

Math Exemption Criteria:

  • ACT Math score of 18 or higher
  • College-level transfer credit approved by the Admissions office
  • Appropriate SAT scores (see guidelines below)
Old SAT scores (taken before March 2016): New SAT scores (taken March 2016-present):
Critical Reading/Writing – 450 for ENG*101 Reading Test – 25 for ENG*101
Math – 500 for MAT*138 Writing & Language Test – 26 for ENG*101
Math – 550 for MAT*146 – MAT*186 Math – 530 for MAT*138
Math – 650 for MAT*254 Math – 570 for MAT*146 – MAT*172
Math – 620 for MAT*185 or MAT*186
Math – 670 for MAT*254

Once the exemption has been processed, the student needs to bring the signed off exemption with them to the actual test appointment.

Students who have completed the Accuplacer test at another college should bring their score report to the Testing Center, SSC L131, and see the test administrator to see where those scores would place them at MCC.

Planning Your Visit

While the Accuplacer test is untimed, the entire test (both the math and English portions) takes approximately two hours to complete. For planning purposes, expect that you will be at Manchester Community College for around three hours. Please plan your visit with your work and school schedules so that you can complete the test in one sitting.

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Adjustments for Students with Disabilities

You must provide documentation that supports your need for adjustments prior to scheduling the assessment test in the Testing Center. No adjustments will be made without this information.  When making your request, please keep in mind  that this is an untimed test. Students with LD, ADD or Autism Spectrum Disorders should submit information (WAIS, achievement testing) to Gail Stanton. Students with physical or psychological disabilities should submit medical records to Joseph Navarra. To schedule an appointment to discuss your need for adjustments, please call 860-512-3590.

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Scheduling Your Test

Testing Appointments

If you need to schedule a new appointment, cancel or reschedule an existing appointment, click the appropriate button below.

Important: Students must bring their Banner student ID number and a photo ID to the test session.

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The mission of the Testing Center is to provide comprehensive testing services to students, staff and community members. To this end, the center provides a comprehensive and wide range of testing services, as well as a full range of accommodations for students needing disability accommodations. The center’s staff supports students’ academic growth by offering test sessions in a positive environment and works collaboratively with all student development programs in order to provide a professional and centralized Testing Center. For more information about testing, contact Georgette E. Hyman, Testing Coordinator, 860-512-3596.