High School Partnership Program

What is it?

The High School Partnership Program (HSPP) is designed to allow students to take college classes while still in high school. Each semester, students may take up to two classes (eight credits maximum) on the MCC campus at any time outside of their high school hours. High School Partnership is only available during the fall and spring 15-week general fund semesters.

HSPP Overview
Assessment Test Exemption (fillable)
Class Registration (fillable)

Who is eligible?

Juniors and seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 attending a contracted high school are eligible to take courses through HSPP.

Contracted High Schools

  • Bacon Academy
  • Bloomfield High School
  • Bolton High School
  • Howell Cheney Technical High School
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy
  • Coventry High School
  • East Catholic High School
  • East Hartford High School
  • East Windsor High School
  • Ellington High School
  • Glastonbury High School
  • Great Path Academy
  • Hartford Job Corps
  • Manchester High School
  • RHAM High School
  • Rockville High School
  • Rocky Hill High School
  • South Windsor High School
  • Synergy Alternative High School
  • Tolland High School

 Students must provide a current high school transcript and/or SAT/ACT scores to determine college – level course eligibility. See the testing guidelines below.

SAT Score Guidelines

Old SAT scores (taken before March 2016): New SAT scores (taken March 2016-present):
Critical Reading/Writing: ≥450 for ENG*101 Reading Test: ≥25 for ENG*101
Math: ≥500 for MAT*109, 138 Writing & Language Test: ≥26 for ENG*101
Math: ≥530 for 146, 148, 158, 165, 172 Math: ≥530 for MAT*109, 138
Math: ≥550 for MAT*185, MAT*186 Math: ≥570 for MAT*146, 148, 158, 165, 172
Math: ≥650 for MAT*254 Math: ≥620 for MAT*185,  MAT*186
  Math: ≥670 for MAT*254

ACT Score Guidelines

  • Earning a Math score of 18-21 will place students in MAT*138. Scores of 21+ are referred to the Math Department for placement recommendation.
  • Earning an English score of 21 or Composite score of 47 or higher on the English and Reading section will place students in ENG*101.

What are the requirements?

  • Students must be academically strong, with at least a “B” overall average, and in their junior or senior year.
  • Completed HSPP application for each applicant.
  • School Counselor recommendation, submitted through online application.
  • Parental Consent, submitted through online application
  • Current high school transcript and/or SAT/ACT Scores.
  • Current MCC/HSPP contract signed by the Superintendent or designee must be submitted to the Admissions office each academic year.

How can I apply?

Students must complete a High School Partnership application. Please contact your coordinator/designee for an online HSPP application or contact Mariah Thomas.

What is the cost?

Tuition and fees, including supplemental course fees and material fees, are waived for a High School Partnership student. This excludes pre – college (developmental) courses. Students are responsible for books and supplies, as well as transportation to and from MCC. HSPP students are not eligible to receive financial aid.

When can I register?

  • HSPP applicants will receive notification of acceptance after the application closes. Applications must be completed to receive acceptance.
    • Fall applicants will receive notification of acceptance in July.
    • Spring applicants will receive notification of acceptance in December.
  • Accepted students must attend an orientation and registration session with the Associate Director of Admissions, or designee, to register for courses.
  • Registration forms are to be submitted to the Associate Director of Admissions, or designee, following the orientation and registration session. Students will be registered on a space – available basis.

How do I get my credits earned to transfer to another college?

Once the course is complete, the final grade becomes a permanent part of a student’s academic history at MCC. The credit can be applied to a MCC degree-track or be transferred to another institution. To transfer the credit, simply request an academic official transcript to be sent to the college/university. It is free of charge and can be done electronically or via mail.

Who can I contact with more questions?

You may contact your high school counseling office or email Mariah Thomas.

One Participating High School Contract is needed per year, to be signed by MCC and the superintendent/principal of the participating high school.