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The College Career Pathways program is a consortium designed for secondary school teachers to assist high school students in their transition into post-secondary education by teaching them advanced skills in college-level classes.  Students are able to earn credit for both high school and college courses under the supervision of the program coordinator at their high school.  Those enrolled in this program are given the opportunity to prepare for their prospective occupation or college career before graduating from high school.

Our high school faculty partners are the foundation of the College Career Pathways program.  Teachers who are interested in becoming involved in facilitating high school students in their pursuit of early college credit should meet with their school’s College Career Pathways Coordinator (please consult the consortium contact information) and read the Policy for Long Term Substitutes and New Teachers.  Teachers are also encouraged to communicate directly with the program directors at Manchester Community College for additional information, all of whom can be contacted using the MCC Faculty/Staff Directory.  All educators within the program must apply to become certified to teach Manchester Community College courses.  Additionally, all educators must comply with the quality standards and policies outlined in our Important Policies.

All high school faculty involved in the program must attend annual discipline-specific professional development Roundtable Meetings as scheduled. These meetings serve as opportunities for high school and MCC faculty of the same discipline to share teaching devices or address any concerns. College Career Pathways Coordinators, administrators and guidance counselors are also invited to participate but are not required to attend.

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