Resources for Parents

The College Career Pathways program provides a means for high school students to earn credits that will facilitate their pursuit in their desired occupation.  The program partners with teachers in secondary schools to offer students a head start in some of the fastest growing career paths in the country.

Your student has the opportunity to participate in this program by taking courses at his or her high school that are articulated with Manchester Community College for college credit at no charge.  It is important that students who wish to participate follow the application and registration instructions carefully under the supervision of the College Career Pathways Coordinator at their respective high school. In addition, there are several important policies that students and parents must follow to ensure that this program is a successful experience for the student.

By introducing high school students to college-level courses, the program ensures that students will transition smoothly into the full higher education experience.  During senior year, students involved in the program have the option to apply and matriculate into an academic program at Manchester Community College to begin their college career. Alternatively, credits accumulated in the College Career Pathways program can be used to transfer to many accredited colleges or universities upon completion of high school.

Participating in this program will give students a competitive edge over others in their prospective career field, as well as prepare them for college.  Additionally, by taking post-secondary level courses during their enrollment in high school, students acquire crucial skills early on and avoid taking unnecessary duplicate classes during college that would otherwise cost them time and money.

While taking courses through the College Career Pathways program, we encourage both parents and students to visit Manchester Community College and take advantage of all activities offered.  MCC is a welcoming and active environment that is open to all who are interested in participating in its many events, which include open houses, advising blasts, seminars and much more.  For a list of upcoming activities, please consult the Events Calendar.