College Career Pathways FAQs

Who is a College Career Pathways student?

College Career Pathways students will benefit from the program whether they choose to continue their education or enter the workforce immediately after high school.  Students interested in an alternative program of study that focuses on skills required for a successful career in a highly competitive field are the ideal candidates.

How does College Career Pathways work?

Students join the College Career Pathways program, typically during their sophomore year of high school, by developing a Plan of Study with their school counselor.  Plans of Study typically include core courses in the freshman year, and include clusters of career courses during the sophomore, junior and senior years.  Many students can earn college credit for sophomore, junior and senior level courses.

How is this possible?

One of the underlying ideas behind College Career Pathways is not to repeat competencies. Manchester Community College specifies high school courses and determines if the curriculum is equivalent to that taught at the college.  If so, the course is added to the list of College Career Pathways courses articulated with that particular high school.  After completing the chosen cluster of courses and graduating from high school, College Career Pathways students may request an official transcript from MCC or they can view their unofficial transcript online.  They are able to continue their education at MCC or they may attend another college of their choice.