Regional Advisory Council

The Board of Regents for Higher Education appoints for each college a regional advisory council that works with and advises its President with respect to appropriate educational programs to meet constituent and community needs. The members of the council meet with the President and various college officers on a regular basis. 

Specifically, the Manchester Community College Regional Advisory Council:

  • Assists the president in promoting the development of a program of community college education consistent with the goals of public higher education in Connecticut and the mission of the college, under the administration and supervision of the Board of Regents;
  • Assists the Board of Regents and the college president in relations with the state legislature and the executive branch of the state government;
  • Assists the president in developing and promoting the public awareness of and support for the college;
  • Assists in encouraging the participation of business, industry and the community in the affairs and programs of the college;
  • Through individuals on the Council, serves as liaison with key institutions and individuals in the area;
  • Through individuals on the Council, serves on appropriate college committees and represent the college;
  • Assists with major college initiatives, e.g. strategic planning, building, program development, fundraising; institutional accreditation.

Current Members of the Regional Advisory Council

David Blackwell, Exq., Chair, South Windsor
Nathan G. Agostinelli, Manchester
Dr. Saud Anwar, South Windsor
Ryan Barry, Esq.Manchester
Dr. Stewart “Chip” Beckett,
Timothy Devanney, Manchester
Matthew J. Dicks ’96, 
West Hartford
Robert Eckert, 
John V. Gannon, 
Craig S. Lappen,
Timothy D. Larson, East Hartford
Dennis P. McConville, Manchester