Respectful Workplace Initiative

Respectful Workplace Initiative

There is a line in MCC’s policy against harassment that states: “Each and every person at Manchester Community College, faculty, staff, or student, is responsible for the maintenance of a positive environment in which everyone may feel comfortable working and learning.”

This is more than a sentence, it is an expectation. When it comes to our organization, this expectation applies not only to us as individuals, but also to us as a group. However, this expectation inherently begs the question, What does a respectful workplace look like? This is a question that must be answered together!

Workshop #1: “Equally Welcome, Equally Valued, and Equally Heard” (part of New Employee Orientation).

Workshop Description: Do you interact primarily with one person or an entire staff? Do you spend more time with students or colleagues? Is your campus role front-line or behind-the-scenes? Do you wish you knew how to speak up in the face of disrespect? Regardless of your answer, it is the quality of your interaction with others that frames this workshop. Research has shown that we are more motivated to do our best when we feel connected and valued; when we feel that managers, supervisors and colleagues care about us and our success; when we feel safe…both physically and emotionally. Join us as we explore activities and discussions that help create a campus where we are “equally welcome, equally valued, and equally heard”!

Future Respectful Workplace workshops will be offered as part of MCC’s Leadership Institute.

Additional staff development opportunities for individual departments are available by request and also through the Leadership Institute.