Leadership Institute

The MCC Leadership Institute advances effective leadership, empowers faculty and staff with a sense of community, and promotes civility and ethics through practice, mentoring and professional development.

The MCC Leadership Institute provides a centralized location for collecting and organizing leadership development opportunities that take place on our campus through a series of workshops focused on the areas of personal, professional and organizational development.  We take pride in our talented pool of faculty and staff who serve as facilitators.


Manchester Community College values comprehensive employee development opportunities at all organization levels inside and outside of the college.

Currently, staff development opportunities for all employees are provided by the offices of Affirmative Action and Staff Development and Human Resources. The Center for Teaching Committee addresses the needs of full-time and part-time faculty as both teachers and as professionals.  Additionally, CCPs, Classified Caucus and individual departments also provide staff development based upon the unique needs of specific areas. Lastly, external opportunities are available for formal training, professional organization involvement, and individual skill development.

The primary goal of the Leadership Institute is to complement what is already offered to enhance all areas of employee development. 

The Leadership Institute is intended to be utilized by individual employees and/or departments for “employee development” that is purposeful, planned and supported.

What is employee development? The three areas of employee development are intertwined and overlapping:

  • Professional development: job-related knowledge and skills
  • Personal development: individual development and growth
  • Organizational development: overall college knowledge and participation


The initiatives of the MCC Leadership Institute began in fall 2010 and continue to grow:

  • A job shadowing program to support professional development by providing exposure in other professional areas
  • Workshop presentations open to all employees of Manchester Community College
  • College-wide networking events such as coffee hours to enhance communication across the campus

Leadership Institute Academy

In 2014, in order to offer a professional development program geared toward faculty and staff members who demonstrate leadership potential, commitment to the future of our college,and the motivation to achieve greater levels of responsibility, the MCC Leadership Institute Academy (LIA) was established. While participation in this program does not guarantee promotion, the MCC LIA is MCC’s commitment to, and investment in, the development of faculty and staff who strive to have a positive impact on our college.  The curriculum and topics of this academy are based on what the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) believes are imperative to assist leaders in progressing along the leadership continuum:

  • To enhance the leadership, communication, interpersonal and managerial skills of faculty and staff who wish to pursue leadership roles
  • To build professional relationships and learn best practices from leaders within the college and the wider community college network
  • To promote career satisfaction and recognize career potential at our college
  • To promote life-long learning and professional development

Leadership Institute Advisory Board 2015-2016


  • TJ Barber, Student Activities
  • Clayton Church, Information Technology
  • Kathy Kern, Social Science, Hospitality and Culinary Arts
  • Doug Michele, Information Technology
  • Gloria Moeller, Continuing Education
  • Linsey Muldoon, Liberal Arts
  • C.K. Pai, Mathematics, Science and Health Careers
  • Diana Reid, Institutional Development
  • Wanda Reyes-Dawes, Advising and Counseling
  • Jacqueline Spector, Information Technology
  • Umesh Vig, Student Affairs
  • Sara Vincent, President’s Office


  • Lois Coleman, Liberal Arts, Co-Chair
  • Leah Glende, President’s Office, Co-Chair