Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a diverse group of campus staff who work together to ensure MCC maintains a safe and civil environment in which everyone is comfortable working and learning.

While the focus of Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is primarily proactive, the group is reactive when necessary and responds to perceived threats to campus safety by implementing appropriate resources to address issues. The group also works to ensure MCC remains current regarding best practices in campus safety and campus civility by periodically facilitating campus training and workshop opportunities for the campus at large.

If you need to report an incident or a concern on campus, even anonymously, please submit a Tell Somebody Report (TSR).

BIT Membership

  • T.J. Barber, Campus Associate Dean of Student Development, Chair
  • Dr. Nancy Bray, Professor, Psychology
  • Karyn Case, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Office
  • Officer Gerry Geyer, MCC Police
  • Dr. Kathryn Kleis, Professor/Department Chair, Criminal Justice
  • Sgt. Donna Manning, MCC Police
  • Joseph Navarra, Coordinator, Disability Services
  • Michelle Nickerson, Director of Student Activities
  • Wanda Reyes-Dawes, Counselor
  • Caridad Rivera, Campus Advising Lead
  • K. Umesh Vig, Director, Student Affairs Operations, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Mary Lou Vredenburg, Associate Dean of Faculty


Scheduled weekly for team.

Expectations of Campus Civility

Manchester Community College is committed to maintaining a social and physical environment conducive to carrying out its educational mission. Each and every person at Manchester Community College—faculty, staff or student—is responsible for the maintenance of a positive environment in which everyone may feel safe and comfortable learning and working. Therefore, members of the college community and visitors to the campus are expected to observe the following standards for civility and safety:


  • Be moderate in speaking. Loud, obscene, argumentative or threatening speech is disruptive to teaching and learning and is offensive to others. It has no place in an academic setting.
  • Resolve any disagreements in a positive, non-combative manner. Request the assistance of college authorities if needed.
  • Show respect for the comfort of others by observing acceptable standards for personal cleanliness and dress.
  • Unless authorized by the college, do not sell items or services or solicit for money.
  • Post only materials that have been approved by college authorities.
  • Handle only your own possessions. If you’ve found or lost any items, please turn in to or check with MCC Police Department, Student Services Center, L-170.


  • To report a police, fire or medical emergency, call MCC Police Department.
    • From a campus phone: x23111
    • From a cell phone: 860-512-3111
    • From a blue pole emergency phone: push the call button.
    • Dialing 911 will contact the Town of Manchester 911 Dispatch Center and information will be relayed to the MCC Police Department.
  • In an emergency, comply promptly with directions given by college authorities.
  • Keep halls, walkways and doorways clear and fully accessible at all times.
  • Observe restrictions and regulations for the possession and use of tobacco on campus.
  • Do not bring weapons, alcohol or drugs on campus.