The Dehn Gallery at MCC on Main Presents “Corazones Abiertos (Open Hearts)”

Manchester, Conn. (March 13, 2017) — The Dehn Gallery at MCC on Main – the Manchester Community College Arts and Education Center – will present the exhibition “Corazones Abiertos (Open Hearts),” featuring artwork by five Latino artists, from March 7 through May 13. An opening reception and Q&A with the artists will be held Friday, March 24, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the gallery. The reception and exhibition are free and open to the public. Visit for more information.

The artwork is drawn from traditional Latino crafts, art ideas and techniques, but reflects fresh contemporary outlooks.

About the Artists:

Corina Alvarezdelugo – “Remendando Mi Patria” Installation.

“Mi Patria” means my country in Spanish. “Remendando” comes from the Spanish verb “Remendar,” which means to mend or patch a piece of clothing to fix it. Using this analogy, “Remendando mi Patria” is the artist’s visual expression evolving from delving deeply into the disturbing political reality of Venezuela, her birth country, along with the emotional challenges of her own personal reality during this time. This creative process is a path of healing and gives the artist the opportunity to speak out against Venezuela’s corrupt regime that controls all media within the country.

Ruben Marroquin – “Kite” Textile Sculpture

Born in the U.S of Venezuelan and Guatemalan parents, Bridgeport fiber artist and weaver Ruben Marroquin grew up in Venezuela. He studied painting at the Armando Reverón Institute of the Arts, Caracas. There, he discovered a strong connection with textiles, which he furthered by traveling around Guatemala, making art from textiles and yarns found in the markets. He has collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum in creating educational programs incorporating weaving, display and workshops of his work included in group shows at the Minnesota Museum of American Art, the Rijswijk Museum’s Textile Biennial in the Netherlands, the Fuller Craft Museum in Massachusetts and the Hudgens Center for the Arts in Duluth, Ga.

Duvian Montoya – Creating Pages #4, Acrylic on panel

Duvian Montoya’s early work has been described as “magical realism,” perhaps in part owing to the influence of author, and fellow Colombian, Gabriel García Márquez. Newer pieces have an increased focus on technical skill and detailed imagery. His scenes are culled from some of the most banal moments in our everyday life. This quietness allows Montoya to make surprising choices and subtle statements about the way we live our lives today.

Balam Soto – “Spiral” Interactive Digital Sculpture

Balam Soto creates contemporary, exploratory artworks that fuse low tech with high tech, including interactive art installations, public artworks, and video.  Balam works independently on the artistic and technical sides of his pieces, incorporating technologies, including custom software and electronics.

Deborah Velasquez – “Untitled” Acrylic on Panel

Deborah Velasquez is an artist-designer, author and blogger who creates paintings, prints, ceramics, cards, textiles and mobiles. She loves the mix of design, words, art and craft. Her work is modern, sophisticated, graphic and bold with a fun color sense that reflects her love for the simplicity of line. Velasquez works in both digital and traditional methods. Her inspiration comes from travel, the simple beauty of nature found in her garden, and the primitive innocence of her son’s scribbles.

Dehn Gallery hours:

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