Path to Graduation

Destination: graduation. You can do it! The hard work and studying will pay off. Graduation is a milestone — a time to be happy, hopeful and proud. It is your time!

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

— Nelson Mandela

Manchester Community College values the academic and personal success of its students on their journey to graduation. Graduating with an associate degree or certificate is a huge accomplishment; it enriches the career and personal fulfillment of each student and the community celebrates with the students. At MCC, students are expected to set high expectations and aspirations, make early connections with advisors to decide on a clear academic plan, build effective academic and social support networks, and graduate with a degree and/or certificate.

MCC provides support and resources to encourage and motivate students to build critical-thinking skills and character, to persevere in their academic goals and personal growth, and to become effective leaders in their community. Students are encouraged to speak with their program advisors, program coordinators and/or counselors at least once each semester to plan and complete their individualized path to graduation.

At MCC, we expect that our students will be successful and graduate.

Commencement Ceremony

At MCC, graduation occurs three times a year: May, August and December. The college holds a formal Commencement Ceremony in May. Visit the Commencement pages to find more information about the ceremony.

Are You Ready to Graduate?

Just follow the steps below to find out!

  • Do you have…
    • The correct courses for your major?
    • A GPA of 2.0 or higher?
    • Transfer credits from other institutions you may have attended. Please send official transcripts directly to the MCC Admissions Office, Student Services Center, L 156.
    • Sufficient credits – 60+ credits for an associate degree; 6-30 credits for a certificate?
  • Then you need to…
    • Apply for graduation.
      • Application deadline for the December graduation is October 15.
      • Application deadline for the May graduation is March 15.
      • Application deadline for the August graduation is July 15.
    • Applications may be obtained at the Registrar’s Office, Student Services Center, L-157, or Graduation Application Instructions.