General Policies for the Fitness Facilities

  1. Use of these facilities is considered a privilege. Individuals not complying with the established procedures may be asked to leave the facility and/or be subject to departmental and/or campus disciplinary procedures.
  2. You are expected to act in a courteous and respectful manner. Any type of harassment of students, staff members or campus guests is prohibited. This may include verbal abuse, use of profanity, or other abusive language, intimidation, staring at or following another person within the facility, sexual harassment or harassment on the account of race, religion, ethnic background, gender or sexual orientation.
  3. All concerns and injuries should be reported to the Fitness Center attendant, class instructor,  a Department of Student Life staff member (in Lowe 155) or campus police.
  4. The use of any type of camera: cell phone, video recorder, digital or film camera is forbidden without permission of a Student Life staff member. This is a privacy issue and applies to fitness areas, the GPA gymnasium, locker rooms and campus grounds.
  5. The use of cell phones in a fitness facility is prohibited due to member privacy and interference with heart rate monitors on the cardio machines.

Attire and Footwear

In an effort to promote safety, reduce the spread of communicable diseases and prevent additional wear and tear on equipment and machines, all participants are asked to wear appropriate athletic clothing while working out or participating in activities. Participants not wearing appropriate clothing or clothing that may be found offensive to others will be asked to adjust as needed or asked to leave the facility.

  1. Clothing that covers the chest and back areas must be worn in all fitness areas.
  2. Shoes are required in all activity areas except for yoga classes. Athletic shoes with non-marking soles are required. No open toed shoes, boots or metal cleats are allowed.
  3. Recommended attire includes: sweat suits or shorts, non-mesh tee shirts or tops.
  4. Jeans, jean shorts, street cargo pants, belts, and dangling key chains are not permitted.
  5. Weight gloves are recommended for the use of free weights.
  6. In the weight/cardio room, we recommend that you do not wear jewelry or items such as ear plugs which may cause injury or damage to the equipment. For the safety of others, jewelry is not permitted in intramural participation.

Tobacco, Food, and Beverage Use

  1. MCC is a smoke-free environment.  All types of tobacco use are prohibited.
  2. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  3. Food and drink may not be brought into activity areas.  Water bottles are allowed if they are made of non- breakable material.
  4. Please keep the facilities neat and appealing to all other users by properly disposing of trash either in the recycling containers or the trash receptacles.

Locker Use

  1. Locks are not provided but are for sale in the college bookstore.
  2. The locker rooms in the GPA gymnasium are for daily use only.
  3. MCC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Do not bring valuables to any facility.
  4. Always use a lock, even when in the shower.
  5. MCC staff is not allowed to hold items or valuables for users. Clothing and bags are to be stored in the locker rooms.

Fitness and Weight/Cardio Room Policies

  1.  Please do not walk through the studio when a class is in session.
  2.  Please wipe off any used equipment seats, backs and handles after each use.  Use the paper towels and disinfectant supplied.

Lost & Found

Contact the campus police to inquire about lost clothing and equipment.  The lockers in the Fitness Center and the GPA Gym are cleaned out after each semester.  After cleaning, unclaimed items are donated to charity.