Joining the Cougar Pride Discount Program

There are no costs for a business to join the program, and membership runs perpetually so there is no annual renewal and no charge for the advertising provided both on and off-campus. To join the Cougar Pride Discount Program, businesses need only complete and return the DiscountForm2022 and agree to:

  1. Provide the agreed upon discount (minimally 10% off, NO ALCOHOL) to anyone presenting a valid MCC identification card, and
  2. Display the 4” round sticker at the main entrance of their business to let people know they are a participant.

There are four levels of discount that a business can provide: 10% (minimum level of discount), 15%, 20% or other. The only stipulation for restaurants is that they cannot discount alcohol. Please note that the bottom of the form includes checkboxes where the businesses can request information about other opportunities and programs available for businesses to participate in on campus.