Expectations of a Co-op Student

  • Throughout the entire pre-placement, interview and placement periods, you are expected to conduct yourself professionally at all times.
  • Remember, as a Co-op student, you are not only representing yourself but the Co-op Program and the college. Your actions may impact future opportunities for other Co-op students.
  • As a Co-op student, you are expected to meet the same performance and ethical standards requested of all employees within the Co-op employer’s organization. Avoid poor work habits like gossiping, making personal calls, telling others how much you make, telling dirty jokes or making questionable sexual remarks, or having poor attendance.
  • If you are encountering difficulty in your Co-op placement, you are expected to discuss the situation with your Co-op supervisor first. If necessary, the next step would be to contact the Co-op Office.
  • If you decide to remain with your Co-op employer as a Co-op student or to fulfill a second field experience course requirement, you need to receive permission/approval from both the Co-op Director and the Program Coordinator. A new job description needs to be submitted by the Co-op Supervisor. New learning objectives need to be provided in order to receive additional credit. All students are required to do Co-op for credit. There are no exceptions.