Co-op Conversion Steps

Converting an Existing Job into a Co-op

  • All students must first meet with the Director of Cooperative Education.
  • All students must meet the eligibility requirements and complete a resume.
  • A packet of information will be sent to the appropriate program coordinator for their review which includes the following:Co-op Conversion Form and Application
    • A student must have his/her supervisor complete a job description form provided by the Co-op Office.
    • A detailed description of what the student is presently doing and new responsibilities or new learning to occur during the Co-op placement must be outlined.
    • The supervisor must sign the job description form.
  • The supervisor or the student submits the completed Co-op conversion job description to the Cooperative Education Director for review and approval.
  • If the student is not approved for a Co-op conversion, then the student may apply for Co-op jobs posted in the office (following the pre-placement steps that are outlined), or withdraw from the Co-op Office seminar.