Pre-placement Information

Applying for Co-op Positions

Schedule an appointment to have your resume reviewed and to discuss placement possibilities. Call 860-512-3312 or stop in to the Cooperative Education Office (SSC L127) on campus. The Co-op staff will help you prepare your resume and cover letter if you need help.

The placement process is a shared responsibility. The effort you put into this process will have an effect on how successful your entire experience is for you. The Co-op staff will do a lot on your behalf, including teaching you the skills required to find a job or internship. We encourage you to use those skills by seeking out and applying for jobs on your own. The Co-op office will apply for a lot of jobs for you, too. You increase your chances of finding a suitable placement by taking an active role in your job or internship search.

Communicate with the Co-op office! Let us know when you have interviews, how they’re going, and if you feel you need help or get discouraged. We are your support mechanism in this process.

Cooperative education is an academic experience. You will earn three credits for successful completion of this activity. There is also a classroom component to the course, and you must register for one of the Co-op course sections to participate in cooperative education. If you use the services of the office and are placed into a job and/or internship, we expect that you will register and complete a Co-op course. If you need to withdraw from the course at any time, please meet with the Director of Cooperative Education to discuss your circumstances.

Registering for the Cooperative Education/Work Experience

  • Complete an application to confirm 2.0 GPA and completion of required courses, available in the Co-op Office.
  • Obtain required signatures (Co-op Director and Program Coordinator) for the Statement of Understanding form, which you must present when registering for a Co-op course.

Source:  Pre-placement Workshop Handbook