Daily Schedule

8:00 Arrival and Child Initiated/Teacher Facilitated Play: Children have an opportunity to explore and play in the various interest areas of the classroom including: dramatic play, art center, block center, sensory area, manipulatives/puzzles, science center, writing center, computer, listening center and reading/quiet area.
9:30 Clean Up and Snack: During this time children practice self-help skills as they clean up classroom materials and then wash their hands before eating snack. While having snack children are not only developing their independence as they serve themselves but are also practicing their social skills as they enjoy a meal and conversation with one another.
10:00 Circle Time: Large group experiences foster social, language, intellectual, and physical development as well as provide opportunities for children to talk and problem solve.
10:30 Small Group Activities: Teachers provide structured activities that focus on all areas of development and allow children to work in small groups. During this time staff can work with individual children and assess their strengths and needs.
11:00 Outdoor Play: Children play with outdoor toys and equipment as they observe and interact with each other while they jump rope, play ball, blow bubbles, make nature discoveries, work in the sandbox, engage in imaginative play, and ride tricycles.
11:45 Transition from Outdoor Play: Teachers provide various opportunities for literacy activities as well as music, drama, and games to reinforce concepts and prepare children for lunch.
12:00 Lunch: Children wash their hands thoroughly before lunch. Children practice healthy eating habits, socialize, and discuss the day’s happenings.
12:30 Rest Time: A period of rest and relaxation for the children.
2:15 Transition from Rest Time to Snack: Children fold and put away blankets and nap time gear. Early risers may play in the art area and/or with quiet games. Children then wash their hands and get ready for snack.
2:30 Snack: Children engage in conversation, socialize, process the day’s events and discuss topics of interest.
2:45 Circle Time: Children and teachers sing songs, nursery rhymes, finger plays, read stories, poems and have discussions.
3:00 Child’s Choice of Activities: Activities are provided to extend play and learning.
4:00 Dismissal: Time to go home!