Become a Peer Tutor

The Academic Support Center’s Peer Tutoring program benefits both students receiving tutoring as well as the peer tutors themselves. For many students, receiving tutoring from a peer is at times preferable because students relate to each other at the same level. For peer tutors, the experience of helping other students as well as the work skills gained is valuable to their overall education. 

Minimum Qualifications

The Academic Support Center is committed to providing quality tutoring to MCC students. Peer tutors must meet minimum criteria to be eligible to apply. Applicants must:

  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have taken the course they are tutoring and received a grade of B or better
  • Be recommended by at least one faculty member
  • Have excellent communication skills, including the ability to listen as well as to communicate orally with clarity
  • Be willing to help other students build their skills and “do for themselves” rather than doing the work for students
  • Participate in tutor training

Earn While You Learn

The ASC realizes that for all students the priority is their own education. We encourage peer tutors to study on our time if there are no student appointments or requests for tutoring at that time. Enjoy the experience of helping others, sharpen your own academic and communication skills, study for your own courses, and earn money at the same time! Consider applying to be a peer tutor.

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For More Information

Email Academic Support Center Director Brian Cleary.