Honors College

As part of a comprehensive community college, CT State Manchester is committed to providing the very best education possible for all of its students. In order to meet the educational goals of those students who wish a unique and specialized academic experience, CT State offers the Honor College.

Students in the Honors College have an opportunity to investigate topics of interest, conduct research, work on special projects, and actively share this learning process with other classmates and their professors. Students will have the opportunity to graduate from CT State Manchester ‘with honors’ and have this noted on their transcripts and diploma. This program will help students demonstrate high levels of motivation and performance to prospective employers and maximize their opportunities to successfully transfer to baccalaureate institutions.

By virtue of successfully completing the requirements for graduation with honors, the Honors College graduate will also be eligible for membership in Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year colleges, and will graduate cum laude or higher.

Applying for Honors College

Students who wish to join Manchester’s Honors College must complete an application. Requirements include:

  • A completed Honors College Application
  • A reflective essay
  • A list of extra-curricular or leadership activities
  • An unofficial high school or college transcript

Please submit a complete application packet containing all of these materials to the Program Coordinator.

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Earning Honors Credit

Honors Options: These are regular sections of classes that offer Honors College students the opportunity to work independently with their professors to complete honors-level work. Students enroll for and meet all the regular requirements for the class, but they also meet with their instructor and develop an additional program of work (a large project or a group of smaller activities) that they complete for honors credit.

Honors Options “On Demand”: Almost any course at Manchester can include an individualized honors option. Students interested in pursuing a course for honors credit should indicate so to his/her professor. Many instructors will be willing to develop a personalized Honors Option. The Honors College program committee will make every effort to expedite the approval process for Honors Options, and most requests will receive approval within 7–10 days.

Graduating with Honors from Manchester’s Honors College

Students who complete the following requirements will be eligible to graduate from CT State Manchester with honors:

  1. Complete any combination of at least four Honors Options (12 credits minimum) with a grade of B or better in each.
  2. In addition to these four courses, students will complete a one-credit, independent study capstone project conducted with a professor in their major area. The focus will be to help students prepare for transfer by providing them with a rigorous research, reading and writing experience within their intended major. Students must earn a grade of B or better in their capstone project, as well, in order to graduate with Honors.
  3. Students must also complete 20 hours of a community service or civic engagement activity during their time here at Manchester. Service hours can be completed in any way the student wishes – at Manchester or for any community or non-profit service organization outside the college they may wish to help. In addition, a reflective essay on the service project is part of the graduation requirements.
  4. In order to graduate with honors, the student must post a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50 upon graduation.
  5. As the student completes their degree requirements, they should submit a complete copy of the Honors College Graduation Checklist to the Program Coordinator. A copy of the application form (without attachments) should also be submitted to the Registrar with the regular Graduation Application.

For Additional Information

Patrick Sullivan, Professor of English
Honors College Coordinator
Office: T-509, AST Tower

Steven Torres, Professor of English
Honors College Coordinator
Office: T-510, AST Tower

Students may also wish to speak with any member of the Honors College Steering Committee:

Olivia Chiang: Liberal and Creative Arts Division
Sarah Cieglo: Social Science, Business and Professional Careers Division
C.K. Pai: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Division