Student Handbook

Welcome to Manchester Community College

Congratulations, you are now a student at Manchester Community College (MCC). You are excited to get your college career off to a great start and to earn an education that will impact your life for years to come. To make the most of your experience at MCC, it is important that you take the time to read this virtual Student Handbook.

The Student Handbook is designed to orient you to the rich academic and social world of Manchester Community College. The Student Handbook is meant to be a user’s manual for the college. In the handbook you will find information on options available to you and the resources that can help you find advice and make good choices. We believe that your Manchester Community College experience will be more enjoyable and rewarding if you take time to read through this handbook.

The Student Handbook is developed by the Dean of Student Affairs’ office and can be your guide to academic requirements, college policies and procedures, student code of conduct, student rights and responsibilities, student services and the many co-curricular activities that take place outside the classroom. Importantly, it clarifies the standards we hold and what we expect of you in your conduct as a student of Manchester Community College.

As a college student, you are responsible for making your own choices, such as what courses to take and when to take those courses. You are also responsible for understanding and adhering to the college’s Student Code of Conduct. Lucky for you, this handbook is designed to guide through the procedures and policies that you need to know. From figuring out how to register for your courses to how to apply for financial aid, you will find this handbook a valuable guide to your success at MCC.

Please contact the Dean of Student Affairs’ office if you have any questions.

The Information You Need to Succeed

Academic Calendar
Emergency Numbers
General Information Numbers
Institutional Learning Goals

College Basics

How to Select Courses and Register

English/Math Placement Levels
College Catalog
New Student Advising and Orientation
Continuing Student Advising
Declare or Change a Major
Path to Graduation
Search for Courses

How to Use myCommnet

Log In and Password
Register for Courses Online
Access Grades/Transcripts
Degree Works
Online Courses

How to Access Your Student Email

Troubleshooting Student Email and Other Tech Help

The most reliable browser to use when accessing MCC’s website or myCommNet is FireFox. If experiencing trouble, or for any other technical issues, please go to or call 860-723-0221.

Service for Students

Academic Support Center
Advising and Counseling Services
Bus Service/U-PASS
Career Services
Child Development Center
Cooperative Education
Cougar Class
Cultural Programs
Disability Services
Diversity and Inclusion
Educational Technology/Distance Learning
Financial Aid
First Year and New Student Programs

Food Services
International Student Services
MCC Police
Mentoring Programs
Sexual Misconduct Reporting, Support Services and Processes
Student Activities

Student Retention Services 
Veterans OASIS
Veterans Services
Women’s Resources

Student Clubs

Academic Policies

Academic policies can be found in our catalog.

Continuing Education

Non-credit Programs
Excursions in Learning
Organization of Active Adults
Credit Extension Courses
Business and Industry Services

Campus Safety Rules and Regulations

Student Code of Conduct