Cultural Programs

MCC plans, promotes and implements cultural programs designed to address issues and concerns of multiculturalism. It provides a comfortable environment for all students by assisting them with academic and personal concerns through programs, workshops and individual sessions. Cultural Programs is committed to retaining students by offering educational and cultural programs that explore diversity and multiculturalism. The office also provides faculty and staff with information and activities related to diversity. Its goal is to empower students to take pride in themselves, their heritage and to achieve academic excellence. Students are encouraged to participate in programs and to assist with program planning designed to produce a more culturally diverse environment.

The Student Activities office works with committees and chairs to enhance programming for celebratory months. Below are the chairs for the celebratory month committees.

Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15
TBD, Chair

Native American Heritage Month, November 1-30
TBD, Chair

Black History Month, February 1-28
Lois Coleman, Chair

Women’s History Month, March 1-31
Wanda Reyes-Dawes, Chair

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, May 1-31


The mission of MCC’s cultural programs is to support students to achieve academic excellence and to meet the college’s goals and objectives of providing a socially and culturally diverse environment.

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    Location and Contact Information

    Campus Location
    Student Services Center (SSC), L155

    Mailing Address
    Great Path, MS #7
    P.O. Box 1046
    Manchester, CT 06045-1046

    T.J. Barber, Director of Outreach and Student Life

    Student Life

    Student Life exists to provide educational and cultural programs and services that will increase student success, retention and graduation. The office is responsible for planning, promoting and implementing academic, social and cultural programs and services to meet the needs of MCC students. These programs and services are designed to address issues of multiculturalism and diversity. The office provides a supportive environment for students of color and under-representation by offering programs, workshops, referrals and direct services. The office also provides faculty and staff with information and activities related to issues of diversity.

    Students are encouraged to participate in program development and implementation and in the wide variety of activities and services that the office provides to create a more socially and culturally diverse learning environment.