Line-up Instructions

  1. Please report by 4:00 p.m. sharp to the Student Center, on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, to find your presenter or program banner, to line up for the student procession and to receive instructions. All non-graduates will be asked to leave. We will begin marching at exactly 5:00 pm The ushers will distribute Commencement programs to you.
  2. Please use the index cards provided in the lobby and print your name in block letters as you wish it to be read. If your name is difficult to pronounce, please print it phonetically. Hold on to your name card until it is asked for by the Program Coordinator.
  3. You should line up by degree and in alpha order two by two when called. The program coordinator/reader will hold up their program sign and help you with this.
  4. You should not move around once you are in line. Please do not leave the line to greet family and friends.
  5. If anyone needs a bathroom break, this is the time to go, but let your Program Coordinator know you’re stepping out.
  6. Once all the academic programs are lined-up you will begin marching two by two following the bagpipers, the College Marshall, and program coordinators to Welte Auditorium for the graduation ceremony.
  7. IMPORTANT: In the auditorium, it is essential that you move into your seats as quickly as possible and walk to the end of the row. Please do not leave seats empty.
  8. If you have flowers, please leave them on your chair when going up for your diploma. Please do not leave your row to see friends and family.
  9. When your row is called, follow the Program Coordinator to the stage area.
  10. When your name is called, walk up the stairs and across the stage. Take the diploma cover in your left hand and shake hands with your right. Shake hands with any trustees that may be standing there, stop at the photographer station for another picture, then return to your seat.
  11. Graduates and guests should remain seated until all degrees/certificates are conferred and the program has finished.
  12. At the conclusion of the program, the graduates must follow the platform party and the faculty as they march out. The marshalls will lead the graduates out, two rows at a time. Students will be able to meet with with friends and family in the reception hall. Please do not stop to greet family and friends while recessing.