Day of Commencement

Parking and Seating

After entering the campus, please carefully follow the directional signs.  Graduates and their guests are asked to park in East Lot and West Lot.  Individuals with special needs may park in designated areas of East Lot.  There will be no traffic or parking of vehicles allowed near the Bicentennial Band Shell during the Commencement ceremony. Seating will be provided for graduates. Family members and guests are asked to bring their own lawn chairs or blankets as seating is limited. Graduates and guests are asked to remain seated until all degrees and certificates are conferred and the program has finished.


GradImages® will be photographing all graduates with the Chief Executive Officer as they receive their diplomas at the Commencement ceremony. Please visit their website,, and click on Pre-Event Email Registration. Enter your email and up to six emails of loved ones who would like to share in your accomplishment by viewing and ordering your photos. By pre-registering, you will receive a discount of 20percent off an order of $50 or more. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your photographs, please contact GradImages Customer Service Department at 800-261-2576, online at or email During the Commencement ceremony photographer/s from GradImages will be available on campus throughout the evening to take individual photographs of graduates.

Line-up and Robing

Rain or shine, all graduates participating in the ceremony are to report in regalia on Thursday, May 26, 2022 to the 1st floor lobby in the Student Services Center (SSC) except General Studies are to report to the 2nd floor lobby in the Student Services Center (SSC).  If the sun shines, ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 3:30 p.m.  If it rains, see Rain Plans for arrival times.  PLEASE BE ON TIME. Since there is no rehearsal, we need ample time to line up in alphabetical order, by curriculum, and provide instructions before 4:45 p.m. We ask that you turn off cellular phones and do not chew gum. Do bring sunglasses and dress appropriately for the occasion. Family members and guests will not be permitted in the student robing area.

Line-up Instructions

  1. Please report by 3:30 p.m. sharp to the Student Services Center, on Thursday, May 26, 2022, to find your presenter or program banner, to line up for the student procession and to receive instructions. All non-graduates will be asked to leave. We will begin marching at exactly 4:45 p.m. The ushers will distribute Commencement programs to you.
  1. Please use the index cards provided during line-up and robing and print your name in block letters as you wish it to be read by your presenter. If your name is difficult to pronounce, please print it phonetically. Hold on to your name card until it is asked for by the program coordinator.
  1. You should line up by degree and in alpha order – two by two – when called. The program coordinator/presenter will be near your program banner and help you with this.
  1. You should not move around once you are in line. Please do not leave the line to greet family and friends.
  1. If anyone needs a bathroom break, this is the time to go, but let your program coordinator know you’re stepping out.
  1. Once all the academic programs are lined-up, you will begin marching – two by two – following the bagpipers, the college marshal and the program coordinators to the band shell area for the graduation ceremony.
  1. Important: At the band shell, it is essential that you move into your seats as quickly as possible and walk to the end of the row. Please do not leave any seat/s empty.
  1. If you have flowers, please leave them on your chair when going up for your diploma. You are not to move outside the roped area to visit family or friends.
  1. When your row is called, follow the program coordinator to the stage area. 
  1. When your name is called, walk briskly on the red carpet to the end towards the Chief Executive Officer. Take the diploma cover in your left hand and shake hands with your right. Shake hands with any regents that may be standing there, stop at the photographer station for another picture, then return to your seat.
  1. Graduates and guests should remain seated until all degrees/certificates are conferred, and the program has finished.
  1. At the conclusion of the program, the graduates must follow the platform party and the faculty as they march out. The marshals will lead the graduates out, two rows at a time. Students will march within the ropes to the top of the hill before disbursing.  Please do not stop to greet family and friends while recessing; have them meet you later.

 Dos and Don’ts

  • No cameras, vendors, guests or soliciting allowed in student line-up/robing area.
  • All cell phones should be turned off during the procession and ceremony.
  • If you earned two degrees, select which discipline you will march with and stay in that one line only.
  • Tassels are worn on the right. You will be told by the Chief Executive Officer when to move them to the left.
  • No gum chewing while receiving your degree and being photographed.
  • Keep headgear on for Invocation and National Anthem if outdoors.
  • Ladies: you are encouraged to wear flat or low-heeled shoes as the band shell grounds may be hard to walk on in high heels.
  • Bring sunglasses and dress somewhat formally.