“MCC Unites” – Student Initiative on Diversity

This week-long event from April 4 through 8 is a response by MCC students to the recent social issues surfacing as a result of events in Ferguson, Missouri, Staten Island, New York, Paris and other places worldwide

With the support of MCC president Dr. Gena Glickman, the Office of Student Activities, the Office of Mentoring and Cultural Programs, and the Student Government Association (SGA) students have enlisted their peers, as well as faculty, staff and the community, to help unify the MCC campus.  Each day will feature activities that focus on the theme of coming together.

Please join us!

Monday, April 17

“Social Justice and the Criminal Justice System”
A presentation and discussion by Attorney Brittany Paz
Criminal Defense Attorney at Pattis & Smith in New Haven, CT
2-3 p.m. in GPA Community Commons

Tuesday, April 18

“Know your rights!”
A presentation by the ACLU about your rights in different situations
12:30 p.m. in GPA Community Commons

Wednesday, April 19

“Drawing on Diversity”
1st Annual Chalk Art Event
10 a.m.-4 p.m. (SSC/LRC/AST sidewalks)

Zentangle Drawing
2-4 p.m. in SSC 104 (limited to 20 participants)

Thursday, April 20

Diversity Day Fair
11-2 p.m. in SSC Lobby

Wear a Hijab or Kufi for a day educational table at Diversity Day Fair

Discovering Fake News
3-4 p.m. in SSC A142

“Interfaith Dialogue: Past, Present and Future”
4-5 p.m. in SSC A142