Student Club Interest Form

During your time at Manchester Community College (MCC), you are expected to participate in at least one student club and/or college governance committee. If you don’t see a student club that interests you, we will assist you in starting a club that does. Being part of a community means being engaged in that community, student clubs and college governance committees are a tremendous way to make an impact on both your MCC experience and on the community as a whole.

    Major Student Clubs
    Community Service & Civic Engagement Clubs
    Cultural Clubs
    Honor Societies and Program Specific Clubs
    Media & Arts Clubs
    Special Interest Organizations
    Faith-Based Clubs
    College Governance Committees

    College Governance Committees

    Student Life

    To serve as a forum amongst faculty, staff and students for discussion, communication, and advice concerning all areas of student life and to encourage student participation.

    Academic Standards

    To consider matters of academic standards at the College by reviewing current policies/proposals for change and standardization of academic standards, recommending new policies/modifications/deletion of existing policies, and recommending MCC input on any system-proposed policies.


    To review all courses and curricula; to receive from divisions recommendations for changes in, additions to, or withdrawals of courses and curricula; and to develop and implement the processes and procedures by which all courses and curricular are reviewed.

    Library and Academic Technology

    To review and advise on policies, acquisitions, and services related to academic information resources and technology, such as those of the library and of educational technology.

    College Senate

    The College Senate is the main forum for discussion of issues that affect the entire College community, such as, but not limited to campus buildings, grounds, and non-academic technologies, campus health and safety, academic calendar and scheduling, issues concerning admissions, registration, and financial aid, broad issues of campus culture, community, and priorities. College Senate has the authority and responsibility to discuss, recommend, and determine, as appropriate, policies related to these topics and any issues not under the mandate of the Academic Senate or the Student Government Association.

    Cultural Programs Committee

    To consider and discuss existing cultural programs and to develop, plan, and promote cultural growth while simultaneously extending and supplementing the totality of the College’s offerings.

    Diversity Committee

    To consider and discuss existing issues, concerns and programming regarding diversity on the MCC campus. The Diversity Committee shall also assist with Diversity Day and other diversity programming on campus.

    Strategic Planning

    To develop, plan, and coordinate broad discussions of the College’s goals and direction, as part of College Senate meeting agendas, special College-wide forums, or through other means; to summarize the results of the input; and to make recommendations for new or altered goals and priorities.