Voluntary Action Resources

As part of the career exploration and decision making process, MCC Career Services (through its Voluntary Action Program) encourages volunteerism and community service to students, alumni and community members.

By having an opportunity to “get your feet wet” and be introduced to the various ways you can contribute to your community and to local business and industry, you can not only make a positive impact on society but also find out what you enjoy doing. You may also discover what you do not enjoy doing, and we consider this all part of the learning process. Either way, our hope is that you will experience the reward of serving your community and begin to develop a stronger sense of personal and social responsibility.

One main resource that we encourage using, for those interested in volunteer opportunities close to home, is www.volunteermatch.org.  Through this web portal, individuals can simply search by a specified area of interest or browse through suggested categories of volunteer opportunities in their area. In addition, we maintain a list of web links that directs individuals to the general information or volunteer opportunities page within the website of a number of local and national non-profit organizations. Please view this list of organizations and feel free to connect to the sites below.