Summer Jobs

Many students are unaware of the variety of exciting and educational summer jobs that are available across the country during the summer season. If you would like to be challenged and try something really different this summer, stop by the Career Services office. Pick up copies of our free summer job brochures to get started. Be sure to check the various guides and directories on summer employment available in our library. Basic tips to improve your chances of landing a great summer position include: 1) start your search as early as possible (January-February); and 2) over-apply!

Our Summer Job Brochures are now available on-line. Please browse!

Great Summer Job Ideas
MCC Summer Employment Guide

In an attempt to promote local summer employment opportunities, MCC Career Services holds an annual Summer Job Fair. At this annual event, recruiters from approximately 25-35 local businesses come to MCC to promote a variety of both full-time and part-time short-term and/or seasonal positions. These opportunities are excellent for those students who will be continuing their education full time in September, and for those who would like to complement their academic program with practical, hands-on work experience. In addition, recruiters from summer camps and resorts in and around Connecticut are also represented, promoting summer employment opportunities in the areas of camp counseling, recreation, hospitality and food services.