Parents and Family

What Can Parents Do?

  • Encourage your child/student to take advantage of MCC Career Services. We offer a variety of services from career decision making tools to assistance with preparing for a job search and finding full or part-time employment while attending MCC or after graduation.
  • Help your child/student network with individuals you know who are employed in fields he/she is interested in. Encourage him/her to meet with these people, ask questions, and find out all they can about their intended field.
  • Stress to your student the importance of planning ahead for the job search process. All too often, we see students who have no idea what, or how much, is involved in managing a successful job search. We’re here to help, and the sooner we are contacted by your student, the better job we can do to help them prepare.
  • Encourage your own employer or employers you know to hire MCC students either as co-ops/interns, part-time or full-time employees. Hiring students from MCC is a win-win-win for all parties involved: the student, the employer and MCC. For more information, see the services we offer for employers .

Family Resources

The National Association of Colleges Employers (NACE) offers the following resources for recent college graduates and their families: