Where Do I Begin Looking For A Job?

Career Services is a great place to begin your job search. Whether you are approaching graduation or simply looking for work experience that is more aligned with your current career goals, we have a variety of resources to help you formulate a job search plan that is just right for you. Career Services offers students, alumni and community members information and workshops on Resume and Cover Letter Development, Interview Techniques, Job Search Strategies and Tips for On-Line Job Hunting.  We are available for individual appointments concerning these topics, as well, and also provide résumé and cover letter critiques.  Our mission is to assist job seekers effectively manage a job search and suggest resources, contacts and/or special events that will support their career and job search goals.  We strongly urge job seekers to register with our on-line job listing service in order to browse job postings that are regularly entered into our individual site as well as a statewide job board. Registration involves choosing an access ID and password and completing a profile that essentially creates your personal account.  You are also encouraged to upload your résumé so that it can be viewed by a wide range of employers in the database.

I’ve Already Graduated. Will You Help Me With My Job Search Or To Change Jobs?

As an alumnus of Manchester Community College, you are eligible for all the services mentioned above, including résumé critiquing, on-line job listing services, career fairs, on-campus recruitment and specialized career/job search advice.

Will Career Services Help Me With My Resume?

Absolutely! We offer help for students writing their first résumé as well as for students revising or updating an existing résumé. To have your résumé and/or cover letter critiqued, you will need to make an appointment. We usually require coming in with a rough draft in Word format that can be edited electronically.  We also have various resources, such as resume and cover letter samples that can help you get started in developing a professional looking résumé. We urge every job seeker to have his/her résumé reviewed several times before sending it out.

What If I Am Undecided About A Career Path And Would Like To Explore My Options?

Career Services offers an online career information delivery systems called Focus 2  that can help you compare, connect and choose from a vast network of work and education options in order to build a meaningful career plan for a more fulfilling career transition.  The system uses an interest-based assessment tool that enhances self-awareness and helps career explorers set priorities, create educational/occupational plans and generally make more informed decisions about where they fit into the world of work. To learn more, and actually begin using these on-line assessment instruments, please go to the FOCUS 2 Career Exploration/Assessment Tool page within the Career Services website.

What Information Do You Have on Job Vacancies and Can I Find Job Postings On-line?

Each year, Career Services receives well over 5,000 full and part-time positions appropriate for both current students and recent graduates. MCC students and alumni may use our on-line service, powered by College Central Network, to search for jobs, co-ops/internships, volunteer opportunities and to post résumés. In order to gain access to the postings, you must complete an on-line registration that includes choosing an access ID (banner ID for current students) and password and then creating a personal profile/account.  Upon your successfully completed registration, you will have the option to upload an existing résumé in MS Word or PDF format.  Position announcements from employers who are not registered on our on-line system are posted in hard copy format on our Career Services Job Board located in the hall across from the entrance to our office on the first floor of the Student Services Center, L120.

How Do I Find Out What Employers Will Be Recruiting On-Campus and How Do I Participate?

In addition to participating in our many job fairs throughout the year, employers often visit campus as part of an organized and collaborative on-campus recruitment effort.  During the Fall and Spring semesters, employers reserve recruiting tables in one of two high traffic areas (in front of the Cougar’s Cave Cafeteria or in the AST Rotunda). The timeframe and location for each visiting employer is typically listed on the On-Campus Recruiting Schedule, maintained on the Career Services website. All students and alumni are invited to attend our job fairs, as well as the scheduled on-campus recruitment tables and are encouraged to come prepared with an updated résumé AND ready to discuss career goals with recruiters, who may be interested in conducting an initial screen.

What Information Do You Have About Summer Jobs?

To help you locate summer employment in-state or out, we have information from employers who typically offer summer employment in our office. Summer employment listings can be found through our College Central Network online job board as well as on our Summer Job Board located outside the Career Services office.

What Information Do You Have About Volunteer Positions?

Many community-based organizations and non-profit agencies seek volunteer and community service related positions. There are often a wide range of short-term, long-term and one-day service event opportunities publicized on the College Central Network job board, and we recommend using www.volunteermatch.org to find out about local opportunities as well.

How Can Career Services Help Me Find a Co-op Placement or Internship?

Career Services shares office space with the Co-Operative Education Office and often has first-hand knowledge of the numerous co-op/internship announcements coming in by fax or mail.  However, Co-ops are formally coordinated by the Director of Cooperative Education, Bob Henderson, who can be reached at 860-512-3312.  You must register for three hours of class credit, attend a weekly one-hour in-class seminar, work a specific number of hours, track your hours and complete assigned coursework.  To receive academic credit for an internship, students must receive approval and register through their department.  Please visit the Cooperative Education webpages to find out about eligibility requirements and any further details regarding the program.

What Are Your Hours and Location?

Office hours during the academic year are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM.  Career Services is located on the first floor of the Student Services Center, L120g, The main phone number is 860-512-3372.