Faculty and Staff

Plan Ahead: Schedule an In-class (or Virtual) Presentation!

MCC Career Services welcomes the opportunity to provide a wide array of career development related presentations to the students in your classroom (on-ground OR on-line). If you know in advance that you will be unable to teach a class, why not plan ahead and schedule an informative workshop? Let us share what we know about topics including effective resume development, interviewing tips, and career decision making. We are also happy to provide a short overview of our programs and services to raise the awareness level of our students on available resources and effectively managing a job search. To request an in-class or virtual presentation, please contact Julie Greene at 860-512-3372 or jgreene@manchestercc.edu (at least two weeks in advance) to discuss availability.

Focus 2 Career Guidance Tool Workshops (in person or online via WebEx)

FOCUS 2 is a career guidance tool that assists students with self-assessment and career exploration. This is a self-guided and interactive web-based program designed to help students select college majors and plan their career based on assessed personal interests, values, skills, personality and aspirations. The program boasts 1500+ detailed and current career title descriptions and 600+ videos. Exploratory tools include a job board network, an occupation search by name and industry, and “What can I do with a major in…?”. There is also a career portfolio feature that summarizes students’ assessment results with their preferred majors and careers and personal comments/rankings, goals and achievements.

Benefits of using FOCUS 2: Students have…

  • More confidence in their choice of a major area of study.
  • More participation in behaviors supporting their career development, e.g., volunteers activities and internships.
  • More specificity about plans for advanced degrees.
  • More specificity about their occupational goals and plans.
  • More communication with their college’s Career Services staff.

Please Note: A workshop on Focus 2 includes an informative piece on career choice, as well as a hands-on demonstration regarding the features the web-based tool offers. A workshop can run between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on participation levels. To schedule a Focus 2 Workshop, please contact Julie Greene. » Learn more about the FOCUS 2 Program


This unique web resource is a leading practice interview system that allows students/job seekers the opportunity to record and review their own interview sessions, with no fee involved Using a webcam, students/job seekers can simulate job interviews by responding to pre-recorded and selected interview questions while practicing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. All recorded interviews are accessible to the student/job seeker upon completion, at which time they can be shared via email with faculty, mentors and/or career services staff, for evaluative or constructive feedback. These practice interviews can easily be incorporated into a course curriculum to complement a career or job search related component. Such an assignment could be used in place of a mock interview or in support of a career development activity. Please contact Career Services for more information and, of course, feel free to access the interviewstream portal at http://mcc.interviewstream.com/.

Alumni Career Panels

Each year, Career Services collaborates with faculty and program coordinators to organize alumni career panels.  This is a unique opportunity for alumni who are currently working in their field of study to return to the college and share, in a panel format, “What They Wish Someone Had Told Them” when they were a student.  We have had great success with these programs over the years, and because faculty and staff often develop lasting mentor-type relationships with students, we strongly encourage their participation as liaisons between our office and the alumni, to assist in the planning process.