Google IT Support

The Google IT Support certificate is designed to prepare learners for roles in IT support. Certificate graduates who also pass the CompTIA A+ certification exams will earn a dual credential from CompTIA and Google. Upon completion of the Google IT Support Certificate, program graduates will understand the core concepts to all IT Support jobs, including troubleshooting, customer service, networking, system administration, operating systems and security. Know how to assemble a computer, write effective support documentation, route paths and subnets, manage device software, and more. Dive into working with Linux, Cloud Computing, and Command-Line Interfaces. Our IT Support Certificate prepares learners for in-demand jobs such as technical support specialist, data center technician, IT help desk, IT technician, IT support specialist, computer support specialist and IT assistant. Required for this online course: Internet access and computer. The instructor will contact students with further instructions one to three business days prior to class.

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