The culinary arts are all about preparing and serving good food. If you would like to learn how to create elegant meals for your family and friends – or simply dishes that please the palate and provide nutrition – MCC offers “bite-sized” courses. You can start slow, with basic recipes, and keep it “short and sweet,” or move on to preparing a full-course dinner with just the right wine. Learn how to make seasonal and celebratory meals, too. Ours is a fun, low-pressure, hands-on kitchen.

You do not need to be a culinary professional to learn more about this functional and enjoyable  life skill. Most courses are conveniently scheduled as single-session courses on either a weekday evening or a Saturday. A materials fee, in addition to the course fee, accompanies most courses to cover the cost of food supplies (the instructor’s out-of-pocket expense). Students generally go home with leftovers and recipes.

Current popular courses include:

  • Fresh Pasta Delicacies
  • Artisan Italian Breads and Rolls
  • Southern vs. Northern Italian Cuisine
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Food and Culture of Morocco
  • Spanish Tapas
  • Chocolate Made with Love
  • A variety of wine-tasting courses
  • NEW ongoing courses focusing on ethnic and seasonal specialties

Please go to the Cuisine section of the Non-credit catalog to learn more about these classes.

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