Teach for Excursions

If you are interested in teaching for Excursions in Learning Youth Programs, please send the following materials to the coordinator, Carleigh C. Schultz, at the address below.


To apply as an instructor, please submit:

  • A New Course Proposal form
  • Cover letter
  • Resumé
  • Three letters of recommendation or references

Note: Applications are processed on an ongoing basis each year; there is no deadline.

Job Qualifications and Job Description:

  • Minimum educational requirements: CT teaching certification or master’s degree.
  • Excursions in Learning teachers are organized, creative and energetic.  They are passionate about the courses they teach and are life-long learners.  Teachers in our program value using multiple modes of instruction that are both creative and engaging.
  • Please inquire about salary.


To apply as a teaching assistant, please submit:

  • The Teaching Assistant application
  • Cover letter introducing yourself and explaining why you are interested in being a TA.
  • Resumé
  • Three letters of recommendation or references

Note: Deadline to submit application for a summer TA position is April 1st.

Job Qualifications and Job Description :

  • Experience supervising, teaching, mentoring or advising youth in grades K-8 or an interest in pursuing a career in education.
  • TAs are responsible for supervising students during break and lunch, and for assisting the teacher with all educational duties in the classroom.


All applications can be submitted through email, fax or mail:

Carleigh C. Schultz, Coordinator of Youth Programs
Manchester Community College
Great Path, MS #16
PO Box 1046
Manchester, CT 06045-1046


Fax: 860-512-2801