Technology Camps

Technology Camp (grades 5-8) offers two different one-week sessions of full-day academic activities that explore technology, science, mathematics, engineering, imagination and creativity.

The grade levels listed are for the grade the student has just completed. (For example, the youngest student for Technology Camp must have completed fifth grade, not going into fifth grade in the fall).

Description of the Program:

Today’s world needs more innovators! Did you know that jobs in technology are rising while interest in technology-related careers are dwindling among the next generation? Ignite and nurture your child’s interest in technology with this fun and innovative summer program!

Technology Camp is two separate, week-long academic programs that explore technology, science, math and engineering skills and topics. There are two different one-week sessions. Each session covers different topics, so students can attend one session or sign-up for both!

More Info: Please see the summer catalog for more details (pricing, dates, times, locations, course descriptions) and the forms to register.

Questions? Contact the coordinator, Linda Armstrong, by email or 860-512-2804.