Summer Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth

The Summer Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth is a full-day program for gifted, talented and high achieving students in grades K-9*. The Academy offers a variety of creative subjects taught by our qualified staff of instructors — all CT certified to teach, with master’s degrees or higher in their fields of study. Students can choose either classes to study for a one or two-week period. Full-day students are supervised during lunch break by our Excursions in Learning teaching staff, the coordinator and our nurse. Supervision for lunch is provided free of charge to full-day students. In addition, most weeks, pre- and post-program care (called AM and PM Extended Day) is available (8-9 AM and 4-5 PM).

Areas of study include (but are not limited to): biology, ceramics, video production, computer game design, robotics, creative movement and storytelling, digital photography, acting/technical theatre, history, language arts, mathematics, performing arts, physics, science, technology, visual arts and more!

For admission to this program, new students must submit a School Component Form, completed by their classroom teacher or guidance counselor. For summer 2021, components completed in 2020 will be honored.

Schedule and Fees

  • Grades: Kindergarten–9th grade (Grade level is the grade the student has just completed in the current school year; NOT the grade the student is entering in the fall. Sorry, this program is not for students entering kindergarten in the fall. Our youngest students must have completed kindergarten.)
  • Dates for the Academy — July 6-August 13, 2021

Please see our summer catalog for prices, specific course offerings, course descriptions and other important information.

Need-based scholarships and discounts are usually available for this program. Please see the summer catalog for need-based scholarships and discounts. For additional information email