Pharmacy Technician

Job Description

The pharmacy technician prepares medications under the direction of a pharmacist and may measure, mix, count, label and record amounts and dosages of medications.  A pharmacy technician may also review refill requests to verify that information is complete and accurate; maintain proper storage and security for drugs; answer telephones and respond to customer questions and requests; fill bottles with prescribed medications; type and affix labels; assist customers; price and file prescriptions that have been filled; clean and help to maintain equipment and work areas; and sterilize glassware according to prescribed methods.

Students will learn medical terminology specific to the pharmacy and interpret prescriptions, define drugs by generic and brand names, calculate dosage and IV flow rates, and examine drug compounding and dose conversion.

Employment Outlook

According to the CT Department of Labor, the 2018 average hourly wage for Pharmacy Technicians is $16.17 per hour.

Registration Requirements

Registration for all non-credit allied health courses must be done in person at the Registrar’s Office.  Students cannot register over the phone or online for these courses.

All students must:

  1. have a high school diploma or GED.
  2. pass a free MCC reading assessment test and math assessment test OR
  3. show an unofficial/official transcript with proof of a passing grade in a college-level math course.

Free assessment tests are given at the Testing Center in SSC L131a. Please check the current Credit-Free catalog for Testing Center hours. No appointment is necessary. You may go directly to room SSC L-131a to take the test.  Please bring your photo ID and your high school diploma or GED with you.

Important Items to Complete After Registering

After registering for the course, students will be mailed an information packet with many time-sensitive items to complete.  Students must complete a drug screening and criminal background check (an approximate $72 fee through MCC provider, Castle Branch).  Complete these ASAP as results of these screenings may take up to two weeks to receive.

Students who fail either the drug screening or criminal background check can not participate in the course.  Any criminal record or drug result will result in disqualification from the course. Course refunds will NOT be granted due to failure of either the criminal background check or drug screening, unless a written refund request is received on or prior to the last business day before the first class meeting.

Program Description

This comprehensive course will prepare students for an entry-level position in a community, hospital or long-term care setting. The course is also an excellent review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board national certification exam. Topics will include medical terminology specific to the pharmacy, reading and interpreting prescriptions, and defining drugs by generic and brand names. Students will learn dosage calculation, I.V. flow rate, drug compounding, and dose conversion. Dispensing of prescriptions, inventory control, billing and insurance reimbursement will also be discussed.

More Information

For more information about the Pharmacy Technician certification program, please see the Allied Health section of the latest credit-free catalog or contact the Continuing Education Allied Health Coordinator.

Lorraine Doonan
Allied Health Program Coordinator
Continuing Education Division, Credit-Free Programs