Comments from a Nonprofit Allied Health Director:

  • “MCC was willing to work with me to design a comprehensive, accelerated course that would provide our caregivers with the knowledge and skill set to deliver high-quality home care in the 21st century.”
  • “MCC came  to  our location to teach the course that assured us of 100% attendance over four consecutive weekends for a total of 32 hours.”
  • “Our partnering with MCC will ensure higher future retention as well as a stronger more qualified workforce.”

Comments from Employees:

  • From a state agency worker who took Basic Computer Skills: “Great pace, all-encompassing, great teacher!”
  • From an employee of a large aerospace company who took Engineering Drawing Interpretations (blueprint reading): ” What I liked best about the course was being able to apply my learnings at work.”
  • From employees of a large university who commented on the Team Building course: “Quality instructor, interactive, informative, very beneficial.”
  • From employees who attended an Essentials of Project Management course: “Nice mix of interaction and lecture, took away more than expected, liked the real-life examples and exercises.”

Excerpt from an Online Magazine:

  • “By investing in their personnel, companies that initiate these training programs are also investing in the long-term growth of their own organizations. Aside from the technical and financial returns, these investments also increase the capabilities, qualifications and…the loyalty of their personnel.”

Jason Silver, “Importance of Employee Training,” Training Station.