Case Studies

Blue Print Reading for a Manufacturer

The CCTC partnered with a local manufacturer to create and deliver a customized Blueprint Reading program to its employees. The company’s training manager had noted that many of his operators were only familiar with the blueprints  pertaining to their specific area and did not know what many of the other symbols and details represented. As a result, there were inefficiencies when changes had to be made. By customizing a class that specifically addressed staff need, the CCTC helped this workforce feel better equipped and more empowered to address changes. The company is now better positioned for future growth.

Medical Office Assistant Program for a Non-profit Organization

At the request of an educational non-profit organization, the CCTC coordinated a 135-hour Medical Office Assistant (MOA) program for a group of underserved students.  The MOA program consisted of three courses and students who completed the program could petition for up to six college credits.  The CCTC blended into the program the opportunity for students to utilize MCC’s Career Services area. Students also learned resume writing and practiced interview skills. Each student was placed into an internship by the non-profit educational organization. The end result was an employment rate of 100%!

Personal Care Attendant Program for a Non-profit Organization

The CCTC partnered with a senior home care agency to provide personal care attendant training to its staff members.  In an excerpt from a testimonial from the Executive Director at the senior home care agency, she noted the benefits of the training as an “increase in skilled resources reducing SOC days for clients and their families and an opportunity to offer advancement to our entry-level employees who otherwise would have to independently seek out educational opportunities to advance themselves.”  The collaboration provided the agency with a means by which it could provide its staff with quality, cost-effective professional development opportunities.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for a Health Care Facility

The CCTC coordinated a Sexual Harassment Prevention training program for a local hospital.  Sexual Harassment Prevention training is mandatory for most supervisors within the state of Connecticut.  This training helped this organization stay in compliance with the state law.

Team Building for a State Agency

Responding to the need of a state agency, the CCTC coordinated training on team building for a department of over 700 employees.  Our faculty administered the DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance) assessment and delivered subsequent team building and coaching sessions.  This program is ongoing for 2016.

Team Building for a Law Firm

A local law firm was looking for a new, somewhat non-traditional approach to team building.   Our culinary department assisted us in creating a team building program around the preparation of a four-course meal. Participants were able to interact with each other in a way that was both educational and enjoyable.