Computer Boot Camp

Job Description

A full job description including typical tasks, skills and knowledge required for this position is available on the Connecticut Department of Labor’s Computer User Support Specialists web page.

Employment Outlook

According to the Connecticut Department of Labor (DOL), the 2016 average entry-level wage for Computer User Support Specialists is $18.23 per hour.

Admission Requirements

Keyboarding skills are recommended.

Course Description

Do you feel you are being left behind in the technology revolution? It is never too late to learn. This course will acquaint you with the computer terminology and devices that help manage information today. You will gain insight into computer hardware and the Microsoft Windows operating system. In addition, you will learn how to use the basic word processing functions of the popular Microsoft Word program. You will also learn how to use the Outlook email program and the best search techniques on the Internet. Registered students are eligible for free Windows software. Instructor will provide handouts. 

Time Commitment

The course meets once a week for four weeks, 12 hours total.