Health Careers

The next Dental Assistant certificate program begins August 2017. Information and an application can be found on the program page or contact the Program Director for details.

Welcome! At MCC the term “Health Career” is used to describe a group of important professions that assist, facilitate and complement the work of physicians and other health-care providers. Many of these health professions were developed in the last 20–25 years in response to the rapid advancements in health-care technologies.

The healthcare industry is a significant and fast-growing segment of today’s economy. Many opportunities for employment exist across a wide variety of health-care settings including wellness centers, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes. As a result, demand is high and is expected to increase for individuals with health-care degrees.

Students with an interest in health care can earn an associate of science degree or certificate in any of the following program areas:

Degree Programs


Disability Specialist, A.S. Nicole Esposito, 860-512-2763
Health and Exercise Science, A. S. Allison MacKenzie, 860-512-2718
Occupational Therapy Assistant, A.S. Maggie Moriarty, 860-512-2719
RadiationTherapy, Radiologic Science, A.S. Nora Uricchio, 860-512-2730
Radiography, Radiologic Science, A.S. Susan Morison, 860-512-2708
Respiratory Care, A.S. Nancy LaRoche-Shovak, 860-512-2714
Therapeutic Recreation, A.S. Allison MacKenzie, 860-512-2718

Certificate Programs 


Dental Assistant Rosemary Ryan, 860-512-2705
Disability Specialist Nicole Esposito, 860-512-2763
Fitness Specialist Allison MacKenzie, 860-512-2718
Health Career Pathways Nancy LaRoche-Shovak, 860-512-2714
Therapeutic Recreation Allison MacKenzie, 860-512-2718


Admission to a Health Career Program

Admission to a health career program follows a special application process.

In addition to completing the general MCC Application, students who are interested in pursuing a health career by enrolling in these programs: Dental Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant,  Radiologic Science (Radiation Therapy and Radiography) and Respiratory Care are required to fill out a separate Health Careers Application (applications are also available by calling the Admissions office at 860-512-3210) and return it to the Health Careers Office, LRC A237. All Occupational Therapy Assistant applicants are also required to complete the OTA Writing Sample form and submit it along with their Health Careers Application.

Attendance at a Health Careers Information Session is required before the program application deadline. See Spring 2017 Information Session Schedule

Students who are not accepted into a specific health career program may re-apply the following year.

If a student is not accepted, his or her subsequent application is not affected – every application is reviewed on its own merits. For students who wish to reapply, it is necessary to complete and submit another set of the required application materials.

For specific admission information to any of these programs, please contact the Program Coordinator directly.

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