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Paulien & Associates, Inc.

Paulien & Associates, Inc. are nationwide planning consultants located in Denver, providing comprehensive higher education consulting services including master planning, strategic planning, and projections for future enrollment demands. The firm specializes in analyzing facility requirements and conducting academic space needs assessments, performing space reallocation studies, providing classroom and laboratory utilization studies, and preparing pre-architectural facilities program plans. Since its founding in 1979, Paulien & Associates, Inc. has provided consulting services to higher education institutions, architectural and educational planning firms and governmental entities. The firm has worked at over 425 college and university campuses in 41 states and the District of Columbia.


The experienced higher education consultants of Paulien & Associates, Inc. can help meet the challenges of preparing for tomorrow’s campus needs. We provide comprehensive planning for campuses including master planning and strategic planning. We develop guidelines for calculating facility requirements and conduct academic space needs assessments through sophisticated research, benchmarking, analysis, and forecasting techniques. We prepare detailed facility utilization studies including numerical and graphical representations of classroom use by building, time of day, and size of room and for laboratories by department. We provide in-depth facilities program plans including pre-architectural planning data and analysis of desirable space adjacencies.

Paulien & Associates, as a programming firm which does not perform architectural design, regularly handles a significant workload of short-term planning projects. Paulien & Associates is based in Denver and has 10 full-time employees. The firm regularly serves multiple clients throughout the United States, meeting schedules and completing projects successfully and in a timely manner. The firm has developed approaches which ensure maximum effectiveness of our on-site time and include using the communication techniques of long distance telephone, e-mail, fax, and the Internet. We have sufficient staff with the capability and qualifications to provide the requirements outlined in the request for proposal. Our firm has the capacity to staff the workload necessary for completion in the required time period.

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JJR, LLC, founded in 1961 by landscape architects Carl Johnson, William Johnson and Clarence Roy, Johnson Johnson & Roy, Inc., has close to 50 years of experience and over 130 professional campus planners, landscape architects, civil engineers, urban planners and environmental scientists providing services nationally and internationally. As a company, we are committed to people, quality and efficient land utilization, and we are the recipients of over 200 design and planning awards.

JJR is a member of the SmithGroup, the ninth largest architecture, engineering and planning firm in the United States with offices in Detroit; Washington, DC; Chicago; Dallas; Minneapolis; Phoenix; Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco; and Los Angeles.

Campus Planning

Campus planning was the very genesis of our firm and remains one of our primary focuses. We have had the privilege of working on over 200 campuses across the country for a diverse mix of large and small, and public and private higher education clients. We have prepared campus master plans, district plans and urban design studies for a variety of institutional clients in the context of small communities, college towns and large cities. In both the planning and implementation of design, we strive for specificity-representing each institution’s mission within its environmental and cultural context to create clear and compelling campuses.

Community College Clients

The foundation of our practice is our clients. Our professional satisfaction comes from achieving long-term relationships based on trust and respect. Sixty-five percent of our campus work is with repeat clients, including a 40+ year relationship with the University of Michigan.

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Learning National Practice

The SmithGroup Learning National Practice provides comprehensive planning and design services to leading universities across the U.S. Like the academic community, we thrive on creative thought as well as hard work. We welcome you as a key member of the design team, enjoying a free exchange of ideas and approaches. SmithGroup has a reputation for being open minded and responsive to differing opinions. We will push you, as we push ourselves, to look at your project in a new way — asking thought-provoking questions, examining alternatives, exploring imaginative solutions. With experienced design teams in offices across the country, SmithGroup is a national firm with strong regional awareness. We understand and respond quickly to the local business climate, constructions market and your unique academic environment. That knowledge base is invaluable in moving your project forward with success.

We’re fortunate to serve many of the most respected academic institutions in the world. Perhaps even more noteworthy, many of our clients have been with SmithGroup for decades. We’ve helped shape the personality of each campus over the years, addressing ever-evolving needs while also designing spaces that evoke excellence and timelessness.

  • We have worked with over 150 colleges and universities.
  • In the last 15 years, we have designed over 3,500,000 gross square feet of educational facilities valued at over $385,000,000.
  • In the last 5 years, our bids have averaged 3% below budget.
  • Our professional peers including the American Institute of Architects and American School and University magazine, among others, consistently recognize us for excellence in educational design.