Phase 3 Reopening Plan – Fall 2020


Name of Institution: Manchester Community College
Senior COVID-19 Coordinator: James McDowell, Dean of Administration
Cell Phone: 860-268-0803
Intended date of arrival of the first students: August 26, 2020
Intended date of classes starting August 26, 2020
Intended duration of the fall semester or quarter: 8/26/20 thru 12/23/20
Date submitted: August 24, 2020

PART 1 – PLAN FOR REPOPULATING THE CAMPUS (the reentry of students)

Manchester Community College (MCC) will achieve the 6-feet of physical spacing required.


  • The Fall 2020 class schedule was updated to employ a wider variety of instructional modalities to reduce the total number of students on campus to 50% or less than normal. These modalities include, but are not limited to, fully online, hybrid-scheduling (half of the students on campus with half online), and synchronously delivered online courses with the instructor and students logged in at the same time on a regular schedule.
  • The college placed signage outside of each classroom/lab indicating the maximum number of students.
  • Furniture in classrooms, labs, and common areas has been rearranged to conform with the 6-feet social distancing requirement. Excess desks, tables, and chairs have been removed, stored, or blocked off.
  • Where 6-feet spacing is not possible for Allied Health clinical training or workforce development programs, MCC will require students and employees to wear both masks and plastic face shields, in addition to any other requirements common in those industry sectors.

Dining Halls

  • The cafeteria vendor will follow all State restaurant guidelines.
  • Only premade “Grab and Go” food will be made available in addition to existing vending machines located at several areas on campus.
  • All cafeteria seating areas will be closed.


  • Not applicable. No athletic programs at MCC currently exist.


  • Building HVAC fresh air intake will be increased, during normal business hours and after scheduled hours, to maximize the fresh air intake to complete two full air exchanges.
  • HVAC filters have been changed to MERV 8 or higher.

Spaces “Where Other Groups Congregate”

  • Social distancing markers are placed in corridors and offices where students and/or employees are likely to queue up. Directional signage on floors have been placed throughout campus buildings, including the college bookstore.
  • Elevators are limited to one occupant at a time; informational signage installed.
  • Water fountains have been converted to bottle filling stations only and signage installed.
  • All social gathering areas will be closed or restricted. Informational signage installed.
  • The two large meeting spaces, the auditorium and community commons, comply with the 6-foot social distancing requirement and new maximum occupancies.
  • Student Activities meeting rooms and the workspace reserved for clubs and organizations remain closed.
  • MCC will remain closed to visitors and the general public.

Residence Halls

  • Not applicable.


  • MCC is organizing online orientation events and communications (email, paper mail, website). Students will be advised of the College’s mask policy and asked to maintain 6- feet physical distancing while on campus. Students will be advised to seek accommodations through Disability Services, if necessary.
  • All Students, Faculty, and staff will enter the campus at one central point of entry:
    • Arts, Sciences and Technology Center (AST)
      First Floor Tower Entry Location
      (near bus drop off point)
  • Upon arrival and exit, all Students, Faculty, and Staff will be required to sign in/sign out (name, student or staff, room or office destination, and time). Campus Police Staff will be available at the point of entry to coordinate the process and assist students and college staff with any questions. A daily attendance list by person will be utilized by Campus Police to expedite the campus sign in/sign out process. All students and staff shall wear college issued ID’s while on campus.
  • If necessary, a second point of entry will be opened at the following location:
    • Student Services Center (SSC)
      First Floor Main Entry Location
      (near bookstore, campus police, and financial aid office)

    The same protocol used for the first entry location will be followed.

Great Path Academy

Great Path Academy (GPA) is a Middle College High School serving students in grades nine through twelve, with a maximum student population of approximately 325. GPA is located on the campus of Manchester Community College. The Hartford Board of Education (Hartford) is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the GPA academic program. MCC is responsible for the operation of the physical GPA facility, including safety and security, custodial services, and facility maintenance and repair.

MCC will continue to provide these services during the reopening as required under the agreement between MCC and Hartford. No additional services, however, will be provided by MCC. Access to the dedicated GPA Building will be restricted to the high school only. No MCC classes or events will be held in the GPA Building.

The Hartford Board of Education is solely responsible for the reopening of GPA in accordance with State of Connecticut requirements. The contact information for Hartford consists of the following:

Hartford Board of Education
960 Main Street, 8th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
Dr. Leslie Torres Rodriguez, Superintendent

Personal Protective Equipment: Masks

  • Students, faculty, and staff are required to wear facemasks in accordance with the CSCU Mask and Social Distancing Guidelines. All occupants are invited to bring their own masks and, if needed, the college will provide masks at the point of entry.
  • In addition, employees will be provided with a packet of five cloth masks. Employees will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the cleanness of their issued reusable masks.
  • When required, the college will provide one face shield to each faculty member and student. Face Shields must be worn with masks unless an accommodation was approved by Disability Services. The sharing of Face Shields is strictly prohibited.
  • Students who do not comply with masking requirements will be referred to the Interim Dean of Students to determine further action.

Other PPE Requirements

  • Plexiglas shields have been installed in student facing offices, security stations, and other high traffic areas that have face to face contact.
  • Culinary program students working in labs will follow the State’s guidelines for opening restaurants and will wear mask and gloves as required.
  • Allied Health students will follow the requirements set forth by their clinical sites, including wearing KN95 or other approved masks, gloves, and gowns as appropriate. Prior to and after each session, each lab area, including medical equipment, will be cleaned. All surfaces and shared equipment will be disinfected with Disinfectant Wipes or an EPA approved solution and paper towels.
  • Art Program students will wear masks and gloves as appropriate.
  • Facilities staff are following CDC guidelines.


  • Hand Sanitizers will be available at all entrances, offices, and classrooms.
  • Disposable wipes or spray disinfectant and paper towels will be available in all bathrooms, offices, classrooms, and other shared facilities for wiping down surfaces.
  • Signage has been installed to remind the college community to wash their hands frequently.
  • All public, corridor, office spaces, and bathrooms will be cleaned daily in accordance with the State’s general guidelines for businesses.
  • Custodial staff follow cleaning protocols in conformance with CDC guidelines using products that meet EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 and that are appropriate for the surface.
  • Custodial staff will wipe down high touch areas throughout the day.
  • In places such as the library and open computer labs, where surfaces including computers and printers are handled by multiple users, it will be the responsibility of each user to clean keyboards, mice, work surfaces, and any other equipment (printers, copiers) before and after each use. Disinfectant wipes will be available for students, faculty, and staff to wipe down shared surfaces.


Students and employees have been advised to follow the Governor’s out-of-state travel advisories. College administration will act as a checkpoint for employees’ work-related travel through the standard Travel Authorization Request process.

Students and employees have been advised to avoid unnecessary travel domestically and internationally, and to voluntarily inform the college when planning to travel out of state. Students and employees have been advised to comply with Executive Orders and regulations concerning out-of-state travel, such as self-quarantining after visiting certain other States with a high incidence of COVID-19.


Faculty and staff will be encouraged to work at home whenever possible. Faculty, students, and staff have been explicitly instructed not to come to campus if they are experiencing COVID-like symptoms per the CDC guidelines. The college will be adhering to the BOR’s COVID RTW ADA/Leave Guidance for those who have a higher likelihood of serious illness from COVID-19.

Access to Campus

  • The college is closed to visitors and the general public until further notice.
  • On-campus student services will be provided by appointment only, Monday through Thursday. Student services will also be available remotely, Monday through Friday, during normal business hours.
  • Student activities will host online programming and events for students to ensure student engagement out of the classroom. The Student Government Association will be hosted virtually.
  • The Academic Support Center will provide services remotely.
  • Computer Labs will be open on a reduced schedule.
  • The Child Development Center will be closed.
  • The Library will provide limited services by appointment. Many Library services are available online. A designated pick up or drop off location for books and other library materials will be identified.


Testing of students in residential institutions for the COVID-19 virus upon arrival to campus:

Not applicable. Manchester Community College has no dormitories.

Testing of faculty and staff who interact with students or their living spaces shortly before residential students return to campus:

Not applicable. Manchester Community College has no dormitories.

Testing strategy beyond the re-entry period:

Not applicable. Manchester Community College has no dormitories.

Relationship with Local Departments of Health:

Manchester Community College is not required to test students. However, the college will partner closely with the local department of public health, Manchester Health Department, to support COVID-19 referrals for testing and contact tracing. Our specific contact will be:

Jeffrey Catlett, Director of Health
Manchester Health Department
479 Main Street
P.O. Box 191
Manchester, CT 06045-0191
Department Telephone: (860) 647-3173

Appointment of a COVID-19 Coordinator:

James McDowell, Dean of Administration, has been appointed as the COVID-19 Coordinator for Manchester Community College. Mr. McDowell will (i) be the liaison with the coordinators at the other colleges and universities who will convene periodically during the fall (and beyond as needed) and (ii) oversee reporting for the common Dashboard that will be developed for the higher education sector. In the absence of Mr. McDowell, Dr. Nicole Esposito, Chief Executive Officer, will assume the role of COVID-19 Coordinator.

Protocol for collecting information about COVID-19 cases:

Employees who receive a diagnosis of confirmed or presumptive COVID-19, or have been in “close contact” (defined as having been within 6 feet and spent more than 15 minutes) with someone with such a diagnosis should immediately notify Kim Carolina, Regional HR Manager for Capital-East, at 860-343-5757.

Students who have been on campus and who receive a diagnosis of confirmed or presumptive COVID-19, or have been in “close contact” (defined as having been within 6 feet and spent more than 15 minutes) with someone with such a diagnosis should immediately notify Angelo Simoni, Interim Dean of Students, at (860) 512-3203.


Isolation Space

MCC has identified an isolation space, Village Building V131, where a student or employee who discloses signs of illness may wait for transportation to take them home or to a health care provider.

Isolation Protocol

Not applicable since students are not housed on campus.

Medical Care For Those Isolated

MCC does not employ medical staff of any kind. Faculty, staff, and students should monitor their own symptoms and report them and seek care from their own health care providers.

Quarantine Protocol 

Not Applicable.

Contact Tracing

The CSCU Community Colleges are not required to implement contact tracing. Contact tracing will be led by the local department of public health and should not be initiated by the colleges.

Positive test results will be reported to the state and contact tracing will commence. Employees who have tested positive will be contacted by the health department to check on their condition and to identify potential individuals who may be impacted by close contact with the infected employee. Those contacts will hear from the health department as well to check on their condition and recommend steps to address potential exposure. Employees should indicate that they work at one of the community colleges and provide their recent activities. Schools can share class rosters, staff appointment schedules, and daily campus access logs to the local health department if helpful in the contact tracing.

Should an employee be notified of a positive test result, they are encouraged to contact the COVID Coordinator at their campus. The COVID Coordinator should ask for proof of the result and share that information with the local department of public health. The department will work with the school should steps be necessary to address the spread of virus on campus and conduct the contact tracing as outlined above.

Liaison with Local Departments of Health

MCC will partner closely with the Manchester Health Department to provide guidance/direction if a surge occurs on campus and/or in the region.


Shutdown initiated by the institution is a serious outbreak occurs on campus:

All individuals are encouraged to report to the college if they have tested positive for COVID19. The COVID Coordinator should be made aware of, and ask for documentation of the positive case, by the HR Department in the case of an employee and the Dean of Students or a faculty member in the case of a student.

The COVID Coordinator should inform the campus CEO and gather specific information on when the individual was last on campus, their role on campus, their schedule for 2-3 days prior to their last day on campus, etc. In the event the infected individual is a student, the Dean of Students should be made aware of the positive test, if they were not the first point of contact. Once information has been gathered on the circumstances, the CEO should inform the Regional President who will meet with Alice Pritchard, CSCU Chief of Staff and Keith Epstein, VP of Facilities to discuss recommended next steps.

As discussed in the contact tracing section, the college, in consultation with the system office, will call the local public health department to document the case and to share plans to address and seek additional guidance/referrals. The campus can provide daily attendance logs, etc. if helpful to the department in their contact tracing.

MCC will identify a college COVID-19 response team (including facilities, communications, human resources, etc.) to implement steps to mitigate the spread of the virus as discussed with the CSCU team and the local public health department. No campus can be closed without concurrence from CSCU system office and planned communication strategy to internal audiences and the public.

Shutdown of the State

MCC will follow the Governor’s instructions if a statewide shutdown is again required.

Plan for continuation of instruction if a shutdown occurs:

MCC will move to 100 percent online instruction if a shutdown occurs.