COVID-19 Information for Employees

Updated April 5, 2022

COVID Protocol Update

Manchester Community College, and all other CSCU campuses, have shifted from pandemic emergency response to routine disease prevention.

  • Campuses have shifted to a “mask-optional” protocol
  • Physical distance restrictions have ended
  • Weekly testing of employees and students and individual case contact tracing have ended
  • No one on campus has the authority to mandate the use of masks by others
  • All employees and students are expected to respect those who choose to continue wearing masks
  • Masks and antigen tests will be available for employees and students who want them
  • Current classroom arrangements will remain as set for the remainder of the spring semester
  • There will be a full schedule of in-person courses, meetings, convenings, etc. for the summer and fall semesters

Employees and students are expected to continue to self-monitor their health and stay home whenever they have COVID-like symptoms and follow current CDC guidance on quarantine and isolation.

Employees and students who test positive should continue to follow the campus process for notification. The COVID Coordinator, as appropriate, will determine the quarantine and isolation expectations, confirm when it is safe to return to campus or classes, and notify close contacts as needed.