COVID-19 Information for Employees

Updated August 24, 2020

As a reminder, CSCU policy is that all individuals on campus must wear a mask for face covering.  That policy has been reinforced by a recent executive order from the Governor.  The only times masks should be removed is when individuals are outside and at least six feet from other individuals, or when individuals are in an isolated office with good air exchange. Those unable to wear a mask for medical reasons should speak with the HR staff before coming to campus.

In addition, employees should monitor their own health daily for the following CDC-defined symptoms:

  1. Fever
  2. Chills
  3. Repeated shaking with chills
  4. Muscle pain
  5. Headache
  6. Sore throat
  7. New loss of taste or smell 

Employees MAY NOT come to work if they are experiencing these symptoms.  All employees should contact their immediate supervisor and our COVID Coordinator, Jim McDowell, immediately to report their conditions and then seek medical attention.   

Additionally, employees should be aware of others they are in contact with and their health.  The CDC defines exposure as someone who has been within 6 feet of an infected person for greater than 15 minutes starting from 2 days before illness onset (or 2 days prior to testing for asymptomatic individuals).  Anyone who has been officially notified of exposure by a local department of public health or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive MAY NOT come to work and should notify the COVID Coordinator immediately.  Employees should contact their medical professional and self-quarantine for 14 days from the last exposure to the infected individual.

Those who intentionally report to work with symptoms or who have been in contact with those who have tested positive will be subject to discipline. 

Updated August 5, 2020

View or download the Phase 3 Reopen Plan.

Updated July 28, 2020

CEO Nicole Esposito shared the following: We all look forward to welcoming our students back to our campuses albeit in a COVID environment and continuing to deliver on our mission of educating our students.

As we return to our modified work schedules, I wanted to provide staff and faculty with some reminders, guidance and expectations as we prepare for the Fall semester.

I would like to start by reminding all of you that my first priority is the health and safety of our staff, faculty and students. I want us to think in terms of who absolutely has to be here, rather than pushing everyone to get back on campus. In fact, the guidance from the system office supports this as well. All colleges across Connecticut should not EXCEED 50 percent capacity. My stance is the fewer people physically on campus, the safer we are. However, it is very important that you are still working remotely, both effectively and efficiently.  

A few things continue to come up and I am happy to address these questions again for clarification:

    1. No, you will never be penalized if you express concerns about returning to work. We all need to be flexible right now. We must be respectful and helpful to our colleagues during this time. This means we should be working together to find solutions that are equitable, but also show concern and support for each other.
    2. Remember to communicate! Think creatively and outside the box. This is new for all of us. We need to maintain minimum staffing in certain departments and limited schedules have been developed to prepare for students to return. Those schedules are not intended to be used as a punitive measure. It is more because we need to keep solid records/logs of who is on campus and when. This is also to ensure we coordinate with each other for cleaning, or to ensure we do not have too many people on campus at one time. If you need flexibility, have health issues or are generally concerned, please say so! We can work on creative solutions. However, I want to express again….if we cannot clearly articulate WHY a staff member needs to be on campus, then they should be working remotely
    3. If you have been scheduled to come to campus, but are unable to do so, please contact HR for assistance to determine your eligibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    4. Facilities has installed plastic shields in areas where people could be face-to-face (front desks etc.) and signs have been posted around campus as well
    5. If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, please contact our HR Generalist, Patricia Lindo, who can assist you with what to do. Your information will be not be shared publicly. This is simply to ensure your safety and the safety of others on campus. HR can also offer other options if you need to be away from work (even remote work) due to illness. This is something between you and HR.
    6. Yes, it is true that we all need to wear masks on campus. This is for your safety, but also for the safety of others around us. If you do not have your own mask, there are some in the Student Affairs office that can be given to you. We do not have N95 masks, unfortunately, as these are in short supply. However, please know we are sincerely doing all we can while resources are so limited. To add, the masks are primarily for students who do not own their own masks, so please be mindful of this.
    7. Here is link to the COVID website from the system office. Please keep in mind that you should be paying attention to what applies to community colleges, not the 4-year institutions.