COVID-19 Information

Spring 2023 COVID-19 Update

Manchester Community College, and all other CSCU campuses, have shifted from pandemic emergency response to routine disease prevention.

  • The campus has a “mask-optional” protocol.  No one is required to wear a mask, and no one has the right to require the use of masks. We fully support and expect all employees and students to respect those who choose to continue wearing masks.
  • Masks will continue to be available at no charge for employees and students who want them from the Campus Police office.
  • There are no physical distancing restrictions anywhere on campus. Classrooms and all other spaces on campus are at full capacity.
  • A full schedule of in-person courses, meetings, convenings, events etc. are planned for the upcoming academic year.
  • Monitoring symptoms: Employees and students should continue to monitor their health and stay home whenever they have COVID-like symptoms.  See information from the CDC: Symptoms of COVID-19 (
  • Exposure: CDC guidance which no longer calls for quarantine for those who have been exposed to COVID but rather testing at day six and mask wearing for ten days for those who are not symptomatic What to Do If You Were Exposed to COVID-19
  • Quarantine and Isolation: Employees and students are required to follow current CDC guidance on quarantine, isolation and return to work/campus (ending isolation/removing mask):  Quarantine and Isolation (

Employees and students are expected to continue to self-monitor their health and stay home whenever they have COVID-like symptoms and follow current CDC guidance on quarantine and isolation.

  • Testing of employees and students will not be done nor be required on campus.
  • Health Careers and Allied Health Students – All participants at clinical/medical sites MUST be vaccinated and test weekly or 2x weekly as required by the site and provide proof of it to the college to be eligible to participate in the program.
  • Individual contact tracing will not be done on campus.
  • Employees who Test Positive: Report test results to their department supervisor or Human Resources as you do normally when sick. Follow the quarantine and isolation guidelines Quarantine and Isolation (
  • Students who Test Positive: Report their absence to individual faculty or to their student affairs reps based on course demands. Follow the quarantine and isolation guidelines above Quarantine and Isolation (


  • Vaccine Education: The vaccines currently approved for use by the FDA remain the safest, most effective means of protecting yourself from serious illness and hospitalization.
  • MCC is strongly advising all students and employees to be vaccinated and boosted.

Building Access

MCC is an open campus environment. All entrances to the campus are open without monitors.