Connecticut State Community College

A merger of Connecticut’s 12 community colleges was launched on July 1, 2023. Connecticut State Community College (CT State), a statewide college comprising all Connecticut’s current community college locations, is welcoming its inaugural class in Fall 2023.

Students: Please work closely with your advisor/program coordinator to select your courses accordingly. Please note:

  • The final commencement ceremony for Manchester Community College took place in May 2023. Ceremonies will continue to be held at each location as campuses of CT State.
  • Students continuing their studies beyond Summer 2023 were matched with the CT State program that most closely aligns with their Spring 2023 major and is offered at the Manchester location,
  • Students who began an associate degree program in January 2022 will complete their degree at the merged college, Connecticut State Community College,
  • in all cases, the college is committed to students completing their education with a minimum of disruption; staying in touch with your advisor/program coordinator is essential,

Prospective Students: Information about CT State and the merger of Connecticut’s 12 community colleges can be found at