Arts and Culture


Visual art, by professional artists and MCC students, is on display throughout the campus. The Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery, located in the SBM Charitable Foundation Building, hosts monthly exhibitions of work by local and international artists, both acclaimed and emerging. Additionally, student art and pieces from outside artists are continually on display throughout the campus. Each fall, the Visual Fine Arts faculty participate in a faculty art show in the gallery. For additional information on the visual art on display at campus, please contact Maura O’Connor.

Non-Credit Courses

The Continuing Education Division administers an extensive non-credit program. Each semester more than 300 non-credit courses are offered for workforce development, career training and personal enrichment. Most courses meet one or two evenings per week. College faculty and staff may be eligible for reduced rates. For more information, contact the Continuing Education division at or view our catalogs.

Cultural Diversity Festival

Each April, MCC hosts its annual Cultural Diversity Festival in the college quadrangle to wrap-up Diversity Week. The festival features a variety of performances and exhibitions, including music, literature, poetry, film and dance. Food, arts, crafts and cultural displays also play a part in the day’s events. Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the day’s events, either as volunteers or performers. For additional information or to take part in the festival, contact Student Activities in the Student Services Center, L155,  or call 860-512-3327.

Cultural Events

Throughout the year, MCC sponsors a wide variety of cultural programs. Musicians, authors, speakers, poets and actors appear on campus to present examples of the diversity and richness within our culture. Programs include dinner theatres, poetry readings and professional dance performances.

Cultural events are planned by a number of individual and offices on campus; however,  Student Activities plans the celebratory openings and Diversity Week. For more information, contact Student Activities in the Student Services Center, L155,  or call 860-512-3327.

Dehn Foundation Visiting Artists Series

The Dehn Foundation Visiting Artists Series at Manchester Community College began in 2007 to provide students and the area’s community with direct exposure to an outstanding variety of culturally diverse, well-known practicing visual artists from all over the region. Each year several artists visit the college for a day and present a lecture about their work to the general public and conduct workshops and seminars specifically for students and alumni. Some of the visiting artists exhibit concurrently in the Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery. The Dehn Foundation Visiting Artist Series is made possible by generous funding from the Dehn Foundation.

Excursions in Learning Youth Programs

Excursions in Learning is an enrichment program for inquisitive and creative mind in kindergarten through 8th grades.

Creative, high achieving students can explore the sciences, math, technology, LEGO Robotics, culinary arts, music, theatre, visual arts, computer science and more through hands-on learning.  Classes and programs are offered in the fall and summer on MCC’s beautiful campus or online.  The children of faculty and staff are welcome to participate. For more information, contact the Youth Programs Coordinator, Linda Armstrong, or visit the Excursions in Learning Youth Programs website.

Global Issues Conference

The goal of the Global Issues Conference is to improve the public’s understanding of international issues by presenting a program of distinguished, internationally known speakers. The conference provides a forum to introduce and to examine issues that affect international relations in areas such as politics, economics, history, religion, art, culture, and law.

Institute of Local History

The Institute of Local History stimulates interest in, and spearheads projects related to, the history of the region the college serves, as well as more broadly-based projects on Connecticut history. It performs as a service and resource center for local historical studies. Among its on-going projects are an oral history project for the town of Manchester, annual walking tour of the Cheney Brothers’ National Historic Landmark District, several non-credit courses and workshops and a permanent exhibition of historic photographs. It has also cooperated in the publication of two books about the history of Manchester. Faculty and staff may learn more about the Institute by contacting Chris Paulin.


MCC’s Library has a large holding of volumes on art, music, cuisine and many other disciplines that complement MCC’s areas of student. It also has a large collection of DVDs and music CDs, as well as many popular fiction and non-fiction titles. All employees of the college are eligible for a library card.

Minority Caucus

The Minority Caucus has been in existence since September 1985. The Caucus has always been a proactive committee that addresses issues that concern all faculty, staff and students – at MCC as well as at our sister community colleges. Some of the activities the Caucus has been involved in are:

  • Annual Caucus Retreat
  • Annual Minority Student Reception
  • Minority Student Phone-A-Thon
  • Mentoring of new faculty and staff
  • Annually meet with MCC President to discuss campus issues
  • Advising of MCC Cultural Student Groups
  • Participation in the statewide Global Majority Retreat
  • Meetings with students of color with GPA’s of 3.0 and higher to discuss opportunities
  • Dialogues with other MCC Caucuses

The Minority Caucus is an organization open to all faculty and staff at Manchester Community College concerned with improving the conditions of faculty, staff, and students of color currently involved with the college.

Its purpose is to unite MCC employees who are interested in improving the conditions of ethnically diverse people on campus. Its mission is to offer any human service possible that will improve the quality of campus life, to the extent that members are able and willing. The Caucus also seeks to promote academic excellence among students by maintaining on-going contact through social, cultural, educational, and informal meetings. For the last several years, we have been awarding two scholarships to minority students who are making academic satisfactory progress.

The Minority Caucus was instrumental in having managerial and administrative job qualifications analyzed and adjusted in the Connecticut Community College System. In addition, the Caucus sponsors an annual one-day professional development retreat for its members. Providing support and encouragement along with networking is an ongoing activity among members.

Minority Caucus Objectives

  • To promote and encourage high ethical standards among all minority staff and students in their business and professional activities
  • To strengthen communication and cooperation among all constituents.
  • To work towards achieving Caucus representation at all levels and areas of the college.
  • To foster the spirit of good fellowship and multicultural interaction among all college constituents.
  • To work for the personal and professional advancement of all college constituents.
  • To demonstrate leadership and assure that our accomplishments receive appropriate recognition and appreciation.
  • To ensure that all our constituents have equal access to development and training for professional growth and upward mobility within the community college system.
  • To urge and promote academic excellence among students.

For further information about the Minority Caucus, please contact  Elijah A. Oliver, Sr. .


The MCC Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles give students the opportunity to develop their musical skills and to join others in presenting concerts on campus and in the community. Performances are given at college events throughout the year, and are showcased at the annual Student Art Show held each spring. Opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in the college’s musical ensembles may be explored with Professor Deborah Simmons.

Organization of Active Adults

The MCC Organization of Active Adults (MCCOAA) is composed of adults 50 years of age or older who share common interests in educational and cultural opportunities. Short courses designed specifically for this age group are offered through the Continuing Education Division, and special social and cultural events are scheduled throughout the school year. While some Association members are students of the college, it is not a requirement for membership. Faculty and staff who are interested in developing a program with the Organization of Active Adults, or who would like more information about membership, should contact the Continuing Education Division at 860-512-2800.

SBM Charitable Foundation Auditorium

Named in recognition of the Savings Bank of Manchester’s long-standing support of the college and its programs, the SBM Charitable Foundation is a 350-seat venue specifically designed for musical performances. It’s tiered seating and state-of-the-art sound design ensure a pleasant listening experience for all in attendance. A current schedule of performance scheduled for the SBM Charitable Foundation Auditorium can be found on the Events page.


Shapes is Manchester Community College’s art and literary magazine. Contributors are all members of the MCC community.

Download Shapes Magazine

Faculty Advisors:

  • Editorial: Jeanine DeRusha, Patrick Sullivan, Andrew Sottile, and Rae Strickland
  • Design: Maura O’Connor

Women’s Caucus

In the 1970s, a group of women came together on campus to address issues of importance such as environmental safety and working conditions. The Caucus recognized the value of a social experience, helping faculty and staff develop a network in which they could work toward common goals. A mark of the effectiveness of the caucus can be seen in the permanent committees that have become part of the mainstream of the college.

Each year the Caucus brings members together to lunch and to learn from a colleague. The highlight of the Women’s Caucus season is the annual Spring Luncheon at which the Leadership for Women Award is conferred on a woman who has supported and promoted the professional development of women on campus. The Annual Luncheon also recognizes the collegiality of women on campus and the contributions made by many.

Women’s Caucus is an informal organization open to all women faculty and staff members; they are encouraged to attend all events. For more information, contact  Lois Coleman or  Olivia Chiang.

Women’s Services

Women’s Services offers information and referrals on many topics including health, sexual assault, battering, sexual harassment, legal issues, sexual orientation, and careers, as well as information on workshops and cultural events in the area.

Events are publicized throughout the college. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Wanda I. Reyes-Dawes.