25th annual Global Issues Conference

Call for Participants

 (breaking) Boundaries & Borders

25th Annual Global Issues Conference
Manchester Community College
April 1, 2017

Organizing Theme
In the 21st century the national, political, cultural, and technological boundaries we confront are increasingly complex, shifting, and entangled. The borders we erect, destroy, move, and maintain to demarcate these boundaries are undergoing furious transformation and disruption. The consequences of this disruption are widespread and deeply felt, from refugee crises to international military incursions, self-driving cars to neighborhood drones. In national politics, speech once broadly considered profane is now commonplace. However, tremendous revolutions, both technological and social, can spring from such moments. As a result we seek to come together, at this historical moment, to explore the ways in which the boundaries and borders of our world are being (re)imagined, the consequences of this, and the way forward.  Please join us at the 25th annual Global Issues Conference at Manchester Community College.

In keeping with the theme of shifting boundaries and borders our committee proposes a design for this year’s conference, which we hope embraces the need for informed civil dialogue around issues that may feel intractable. To that end, the conference is designed to put participants into dialogue with each other and their audience rather than deliver full academic papers in the traditional panel format.

We invite submissions of abstracts, no more than 250 words, that address the organizing theme from any variety of perspectives including those of practitioners, artists, or intellectuals of various disciplines (while we recognize these are not exclusive categories). Abstracts will be used to organize discussion panels around common interests and complimentary or contradictory positions that we hope will lead to a stimulating, engaging and productive conference. Submissions with a focus on global issues will be given priority. Please submit abstracts to: GenInfoGlobalIssues@manchestercc.edu

Invited participants will be asked to submit responses to a set of prompts on an issue related to the subject of their abstract. Responses to the prompts will be made available to attendees on our conference website, enabling each participant to present only a brief summary of their central argument at the conference. Panel time will then be devoted to moderated discussion among panel members and the audience.

Submission Deadlines

Abstracts due: January 8 at 9:00 a.m, sent to GenInfoGlobalIssues@manchestercc.edu

  • Notice of acceptance sent by: February 3
  • Discussion prompt responses due: March 5

Example Panel Topics

The following are examples of topics around which panels may be organized. Submissions are not required to conform to any of these topics.

  • Migration and the disruption of national boundaries/regimes
  • New economies
  • Shifting boundaries in the Arts
  • Breaking/pushing boundaries in technology/innovation
  • Social media and the social/cultural borders of virtual communities/networks
  • Breaking boundaries in how we manage/structure organizations
  • Ethical implications of pushing boundaries in bio-engineering
  • Blurring boundaries of political parties and constituent membership in 2016
  • Redefining the borders/members of the European Union after Brexit

Inquiries may be directed to the Chair of the organizing committee:

Brion van Over
Communication Department
Manchester Community College