July 22 Update: COVID-19 Information for Students

A new update was posted on Wednesday, July 22. Student Affairs departments are now open on a limited basis to meet with students needing in-person services.

New Instructional Methods Available

In response to COVID-19, the Connecticut State Community Colleges have added a number of different ways that classes may be taught, both on-ground and online. You can learn more about these methods on the Safe Learning Options page.

July 28 Continuing Education Update

New information is available regarding motorcycle classes and registering for non-credit classes. Visit the COVID-19 page for more details.

News Stories

MCC Names Salman Interim Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

Salman is responsible for the leadership, vision, strategic planning and management of all academic and student-support programs, both in-person and online. She serves as chief academic officer and chief student conduct officer for MCC.

Students Can Study the Humanities at MCC and Check off Gen Ed Requirements too; Applications for New Students Accepted Online

Courses that can satisfy a major in the humanities at MCC can also satisfy general studies requirements for other majors.

Students Can Affordably Satisfy General Education Requirements at MCC

Manchester Community College provides a financially responsible option for satisfying many common requirements for students planning on attending baccalaureate institutions.

Upcoming Information Sessions